Friday, 22 June 2018

Walk and Picnic in Tervueren

Today was the day of surprises. The first one was a little bit upsetting since we found out on arrival that the Rouge-Cloître car park had been closed without warning because there was going to be a festival there on Sunday and they needed time to prepare it all. But then our good fairy, in the form of  Alyane, came to our rescue, saying: No problem, you can all come to my place and beforehand we can walk in the Tervueren park. 
What a relief! How generous! And so we had our picnic on her terrace in front of her beautiful garden! Thank you, dear Alyane, for being so kind and hospitable!

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Sandy said...

Sometimes those surprises turn out to be the BEST!!! Congratulations on a wonderful outing and picnic.