Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sheila's walk in the Bois de Halle

Thank you Margaret for sending these photographs of a lovely walk in the Bois de Halle.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Here's Sandy with her new walking group!

Good to see you Sandy! Have a great summer with your new walking friends!
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Anne's walk in Tervuren

Eight ladies enjoyed today's walk in bright spring sunshine.

(No bluebells were harmed during the filming of this picture!)

We were pleased to find a shady table at La Vignette where we enjoyed our drinks and some delicious melt-in-your-mouth Easter eggs - thanks, Barbara!
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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Monday 18 April 2011 - Groenendaal

For our walk today the sun was out and the bluebells had begun to put on a show. We had a great walk and glad to say two new walkers decided to join us. Hope to see Cathy and Annely on future walks. A couple of our walkers are holding wild garlic destined for a "pesto" sauce. Don't know the details but apparently Charlotte has a pasta sauce recipe using wild garlic, olive oil etc. If this sounds interesting contact Charlotte...

Need I say more.....

Slightly different image to end the blog today...We called into the Chateau de Groenendaal looking for coffee - unfortunately no coffee (the Chateau has been turned into a conference centre)- instead we decided to avail ourselves of the facilities and this is what we found. One question springs to mind - how comfortable are these "designer" loos?? The picture of the guy on the wall is another matter!!!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Friday 15 April - Pernette and Joyce's walk

Welcome to our Wijngaardberg Walk in Wezemaal
We were 6 on the walk today and we had a marvellous time. We were delighted to meet a new walker, Angela, and hope we will be seeing her on more walks in the future. The sun was shining and the apple orchards at the top of the Wijngaardberg were in full bloom. It is the third time we have done this walk and each time there is always something new to take our interest. We walked through the vines on the side of the hill, then up to the orchards and then back down again through the woods. The walk took a little longer than the normal two hours but it was well worth it.
The farmers were busy working away and one of them brought his grandchildren along to lighten the load. We came across some interesting sheep and their lambs and the Jack Russell we passed along the way certainly had something to say.
Here is a guide to the many wild flowers we discovered and thanks must go to Jane for giving us some very interesting information about them.
After walking for two and a half hours we were in need of refreshments. The others had to rush off but four of us made it to the cafe "in de ster" for some coffee and pancakes. We can confirm that the pancakes are just as good as the Brasserie Darche. We were reluctant to leave the sunny terrace but needs must and all that.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Monday 11 April 2011 - Margaret's Walk from Rue Nisard

Another glorious April afternoon, and we met at Rue Nisard for this popular and beautiful walk among the beech trees. Sandy's presence was felt as we followed her clear instructions, and we wished she could have been back with us for the afternoon.

The weather was so lovely that no-one minded stopping for the occasional group picture.

We even persuaded Margaret to pose - although Janet rather spoils the shot (she can say that as she's typing this!)

We finished the afternoon at the Repos des Chasseurs - where we took advantage of the lovely afternoon to sit outside and enjoy our drinks. Even Halka had personal service! Thank you Margaret for a lovely walk!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Friday 8 April - Ingeborg & Sherry's Walk

Fifteen of us met on a gloriously sunny afternoon for a walk led by Ingeborg and Sherry around the Waterloo-Ohain area.

The walk took us along a variety of paths and roads, with ever changing scenery. What did not change was the weather - and we were perhaps even a little too warm at times!

We made a detour to visit this interesting cemetery.

The cemetery was beautifully situated with views over the village and Church, and some very unusual graves including one to a girl whose surname was not known, a row of nun's graves, a pond grave, a grave where the widow has already ensured things are ready for when she joins her husband and some Commonwealth Graves mingling with those of lost Belgian soldiers.

Towards the end of our walk we made a 'doggy stop' to leave Halka at home ... I think we were going to be missed as we walked away!

At the end of the walk we were made welcome by Ingeborg in her lovely home, where she and Christa had kindly prepared some delicious refreshments for us. We were delighted to find that Sheila and Denise, who had taken a shorter walk, were also there.

A very big THANK YOU to Ingeborg, Sherry and Christa from all the ladies walking today!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Monday 4 April 2011 - Deborah's walk

As you can see from the photo we had wonderful weather for the walk today. We walked from the Tram Musuem in Woluwe to the Mont Blanc cafe in Tervuren.
On the way we were treated to the sights of Spring in all its glory. The avenue Tervuren must be the most beautiful avenue in Brussels (discuss). It was a shame we had to negotiate the 4 Bras junction but I did spot an unusual lorry with an outlandish scene on the cabin - unfortunately it was moving too fast to get a good picture but I think you can just about make it out in the photo above
This was our destination - the Mont Blanc cafe in Tervuren - one of our favourite places. This time, alas, there were not enough places outside so some of us had to have coffee (or perhaps a bière blanche?) over the road but that was no hardship as we were able to sit in the glorious sunshine and watch the world go by. Thanks go to Deborah for organising this walk and probably the weather too!!