Saturday, 28 July 2012

Joan's Walk - Friday 27th July at Groenendaal

In 29 degree celsius heat, thirteen ladies met in the car park at Groenendaal Station Luckily the temperature dropped by several degrees when we reached the forest. It was glorious to be walking in dappled sunshine. It is a slightly undulating walk taking us by a small lake. After walking for two hours we were more than ready for a welcome drink at the cafe in the stables nearby the car park.
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Joan's Walk - Tervuren Monday 23rd July

It was a beautiful day to be out walking in the forest at Tervuren.   There are so many trails to follow that it never becomes boring, although having good company as well is such a bonus.   So eight ladies set off today to enjoy  the afternoon.   There were only a couple of places where we  had to negotiate round some mud.   Later in Mont Blanc a few succumbed to a dessert as well as a drink.
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Friday, 20 July 2012

Sue's walk in Sterrebeek

After heavy downpours during most of the morning, a small miracle occurred and we enjoyed fine weather between 13.00 and 15.30 for our walk. Eight of us set out from the large square at the end of Hippodroomlaan in Sterrebeek and before long, several ladies decided to carry their coats and don their sunglasses! Walking between a field of onions on our left and a field of potatoes on our right, it was little wonder that someone said it smelled as if dinner was being cooked! The wayside flowers included wonderful purple thistles and a tall blue chicory plant which Jane identified for us. We walked through the fields and along peaceful roads with large, attractive villas and pretty gardens, encountering on our route a goat, some shetland ponies, a horseback rider and one or two dogs. Jane also identified the songs of a yellowhammer and a blackbird. The birds were delighted that the sun was shining!

At the end of the walk we enjoyed a drink sitting outside at the 'Prince Rose' cafe, where we were served by an obliging young waiter. No photos were taken, but a good time was had by all. (description contributed by Sue)

Monday, 16 July 2012

Margaret's walk in Braine-l'Alleud

Animals featured prominently on this walk, with our doggy-shaped route
and lively companion,

and our friendly squirrel guide.

En route we encountered a performing llama;
noisy dogs who vigorously defended their territory, but were expertly dispatched whence they came;
and some other four-legged friends.

By the time we reached the café, after a pleasant walk that was virtually rain-free, but with plenty of mud underfoot and giant puddles to be negotiated,

our merry band...
... was dog-tired.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Melly's Walk at the Chateau de la Hulpe

Today's group of walkers set out round the domaine of Solvay a bit fearful of the 'iffy' weather, but nonetheless with the usual WIC optimism. We managed the first half of the walk before the rain came. Luckily we were passing the Tavern de l'Homme Bleu when somebody with welcome initiative suggested that we have our coffee whilst it was raining. After drinks and in some cases bowls of hot soup, we set off for the second half of the walk and the rain kindly stayed away. At one stage a decision was made to try an untested route back to our parked cars. We travelled over a much less known part of the grounds with narrow woodland paths skirting open fields eventually bringing us to a great open expanse of saturated mud which was impossible to cross. The general consensus was to carry on rather than to turn back, so with Jane in the lead we set forth and without too much difficulty found our way to a regular path which brought us to our home base.

Thank you Melly.

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Monday, 9 July 2012

Joan's Walk at Leefdaal

Seven ladies set off from the car park opposite the church in Leefdaal. After negotiating round some major excavations we passed by Leefdaal Castle and through a gap in the vegetation we had a glimpse of a small lake complete with swans. A footpath led us along the River Voer, complete with a sculpture of a giant insect. The walk then took us by St. Verona's church and gently upwards to a plateau with crops of wheat, barley and maize growing on either side of the path. We were fortunate to have Jane walk today as she explained the different uses of the crops. The view from the top is quite exquisite. From there we meandered round and down back to Leefdaal - slightly longer than the normal distance as the leader managed to miss a left turn. It was a bit of a disappointment to find the cafe was closed for the holidays but we managed to have a drink sitting outside the frituur in the car park. It was a delightful 7.8 km walk on a pleasant afternoon.

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