Saturday, 23 December 2006

Fri., Dec. 22nd - Sandy's walk from Rue Nisard in Auderghem. Looks like we're prepared for anything!

Fri., Dec. 22nd - What a beautiful afternoon to enjoy our walk in the forest. So close to the holidays there was not a large turn out but it was a pleasure to be out an a sunny but crisp afternoon.

Fri., Dec. 22nd - We finished off our afternoon at Au Repos des Chasseurs with some warm libations!

Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Mon., Dec. 18th - For a special treat ... Martha Harris conducted a city walk for us from Sq. du Bois around Ixelles so we could take in the wonderful Art Nouveau in that area. At 3C it was a bit of a challenge by the end of the walk.

Mon., Dec. 18th - An unexpected surprise occurred when Martha introduced us to the grandson of the famous Art Nouveau architect, Ernest Blerot, outside one of his most famous homes on the pond of Ixelles. Put this on your calendars for 6 & 7 Oct. '07 when the house will be open during the "Voir et Dire Bruxelles" exhibitions!

Mon., Dec. 18th - Martha routed us around such wonderful Art Nouveau homes with commentary in her Ixelles neighborhood.

Mon., Dec. 18th - We were warmly and deliciously entertained at Martha's table following our sightseeing tour. Many "thanks" from all of us, Martha! It was a splendid afternoon.

Monday, 11 December 2006

Mon., Dec. 11th - Sheila's walk was changed from Rixensart to Auderghem due to the weather. We met under the shadow of the E-411. Here is an artistic rendition of our trek!

Mon., Dec. 11th - Seven of us braved the elements and found it not too bad in the rain and wind. At least it wasn't too cold and a bit of mud was expected.

Mon., Dec. 11th - Hot tea and coffee were very warmly appreciated when we ended our walk at the ADEPS cafeteria!

Friday, 8 December 2006

Fri., Dec. 8th - WIC Walkers' tried a really short "walk" in really nasty weather in Ohain. We got as far as from our cars to Christa's. "Thanks" Christa for the rescue!

Fri., Dec. 8th - The WIC Walkers' Christmas walk was salvaged when Christa Haberer invited the walkers to take refuge in her comfortable home and warm up with tea, coffee and cookies in lieu of walking in the wind, rain and really nasty weather.

Fri., Dec. 8th - WIC Walkers' Christmas lunch followed at the Auberge de la Roserie in Ohain. We had a wonderful group of 22 walkers. Cheers to another year of walks in and around the green areas of Brussels.

Fri., Dec. 8th - WIC Walkers' Christmas lunch group from the other end of the table!

Fri., Dec. 8th - WIC Walkers' Christmas lunch. Here's another toast to the past walking year!

Fri., Dec. 8th - WIC Walkers' Christmas Lunch ... and, "Thanks" from Sheila for the surprise Christmas tree. It is great fun to walk with all of you ladies!

Fri., Dec. 8th - WIC Walkers' Christmas Luncheon - and, "Thanks" from Sandy to all the walkers for the wonderful holiday Christmas tree hanging and Card.

Fri., Dec. 8th - It was a splendid afternoon and we all had a great time ... right??? Sheila and Marie Jo thought so.

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Mon., Dec. 4th meant Sheila's walk led from the band stand in Ohain. Yes, we encountered some mud but the rains let up enough to let us complete our walk without any more. It got up to about 12C which was warmer than we expected.

Mon., Dec. 4th - Our break was welcome at Miam where we refreshed ourselves before the final "leg" (so to speak) back to the cars!

Sunday, 3 December 2006

This photo of the group taken on Alison's Friday walk of Dec 1 in Woluwe Park was also taken by Alison! Many thanks, Alison, for your contribution to the blog!!! It's great to see some new walkers in addition to the regular ones. Welcome!

Fri., Nov. 10th - Inge's walk in Jezus-Eik. This photo was taken by Denise and sent to me while I was away. Sorry it has taken so long to post it to the blog. Many thanks to both Inge and Denise for their help. Sandy