Thursday, 28 July 2005


The WIC Walker
Summer greetings and information have been received from the following walkers who many of you still know and would like to hear from:

-Paulette Duncan: The illustrious founder of the walking group in ’89 currently lives in Oakland, CA., USA. She sends information about her son and daughter-in-law who were married last Sept. here in Brussels. They are on a 7 month tour of “the world” – mostly Asia. You can chart their progress at: Paulette hopes to be back in Brussels to visit her Mum and do a walk with us in late September.

-Helen Bobbitt: our friend from Sydney, AU is back there now! She is fixing up her house, shopping for a car and interviewing for a part time job. She and Richard send greetings to all the walkers!

-Sibylle Malkwitz: is spending the summer in Spain but plans to be back in Brussels @ August 24 for a visit with her husband, Frank. She also hopes to join the walking group at that time.

-Linda Lester: is living in So. France and plans to be back for a visit in September to see her family here and join us for a walk at that time.

-Anne Caprioglio: is living in San Diego, CA., USA and plans to be back in September for a visit. We hope to see her on a walk at that time.

Saturday, 16 July 2005

Friday, July 15th walk - from Dr. de Comte. It was a warm afternoon but still pleasant under the trees. The tennis club welcomed us for our stop!

Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Mon., Jul 11th - Sheila's walk in Overijse. It was a pretty day for our outing and beautiful in the leafy areas.

Mon., Jul 11th - a nice variety of scenes was greatly appreciated.

Mon., Jul. 11th - Refreshments were welcome after the walk at a neighborhood cafe in the center of Overijse.

Monday, 11 July 2005

Jul 10th - Sunday Couples' WIC walk in the bois. A hazy morning turned into a quite warm and humid one. It was great to be out under the trees with friends to enjoy it.

Jul 10th - Sunday Couples WIC walk - Group shot ... It turned into a warm day after all!

Jul 10th - Sunday WIC Couples' Walk - a stop for a "photo opportunity" at an impressive site! Our many "THANKS" go to Janet and Tim who did such a great job in the planning of the walk and lunch to follow!!! We all had a great time...

Jul 10 - Sunday WIC Couples' Walk - Lunch followed at Au Rallye des Autos and a chance to chat some more as well as relax!!!

Friday, 1 July 2005

July 1st - Relaxing after Bois de la Cambre walk. The refreshing breezes were welcome after the heat of last week!!!

Mon., June 27th - Sheila's walk at Villers la Ville. It was a warm June afternoon but refreshments were welcomed afterward at the Chalet de la Foret with the goats!