Monday, 25 November 2013

Isobel's Walk

Two big thank you's today - to Isobel for leading a large group on this lovely walk - the glorious autumn colours are still there - and to Ryoko for being our official photographer!

Today was full of incidents!  Firstly we welcomed back Deborah from Holland: enjoy your week in Brussels Deborah!  And then we made a new friend.  Yes!  An enthusiastic cyclist threw himself at Anne's feet and then insisted on expressing repeatedly how much he enjoyed seeing a group of ladies walking in the forest.  He helpfully pointed out to us that we were in a parc, not on a road - something I think we all agreed with.  

Here's a group of the faster walkers (and we were today - we knocked 10 minutes off the expected time!)

Yes - that is a wall of foliage behind us in the cafe!

You can see how many of us there were!

We were delighted to meet up with the 'Easy Walkers'

Christine and Alex in Washington

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Melly's Walk at Chateau de la Hulpe

Thank you Melly for leading us on another of your wonderful walks at the Chateau de la Hulpe.  It is lovely finding all the winding little-known paths.

The recent weather meant the walk was a little muddy, but that didn't deter us, nor did the fallen trees!  However we did hurry past one particular copse where you could hear a worryingly creaky tree!

The autumn colours were glorious, but we suspect the leaves are not going to be on the trees for much longer - there are already plenty of them on the ground!

Finally - Happy Birthday Melly!  Thank you for the lovely chocolate treats!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Susan's walk in Bertem

It was a chilly autumn day as we set off from Bertem into the countryside, wearing nice clean boots.  It may not have been our muddiest walk ever, but it felt a bit like it at times!  However we all enjoyed being out in the fresh air among the beautiful autumn colours, and the sun shone too.  Thank you Susan for a great walk!

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Item on Today on Radio 4

This is good news for all of us ladies.

Apparently walking reduces our risk of a stroke - just a few hours a week makes a difference.  And it's not speed, it's the time spent walking.

Have a nice walk this afternoon, sorry I won't be with you, but obviously I'll walk to my hospital appointment!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Janet's Ad-Hoc Walk in Tervuren

With a beautiful blue sky offering a glorious chance to walk in the autumnal leaves I sent round a message to see if anyone else felt like getting out this afternoon: and they did.  Apologies to anyone I didn't email, I just sent out a message to people who I thought might be available at short notice.

Seven of us got together and did the Kapbos walk, which includes a long stretch of path that is muddy even in the best of weather!  Today it slowed down the fast pace we'd started out at quite dramatically!

We were a bit startled early on in the walk to come across an unusually large toadstool, so large in fact that we felt it warranted a special picture!

And then Anna discovered she could take the top home with her if she wanted to ...

After that we stopped for the obligatory picture at the stones ... HI SANDY!

And this picture was taken to give our legs a break from wading through mud .. and shortly before we came to a very VERY steep incline with a mud pit at the bottom of it!  Fortunately others had come across it before us, and beaten a new path out which completely bypassed this small ravine!

I had been warned there would be a lot of people in Tervuren today, and there were!  Those not at the fair or running in the marathon that seemed to be taking place in the park were in Mont Blanc.  Therefore the six of us who were left gratefully accepted Anne's kind offer of hospitality.  We bought a lovely cake - and those strawberries did taste as good as they look - and were delighted to take off our boots and rest Chez Anne.  THANK YOU ANNE!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Isobel's Alsemberg walk

Despite the rain - it takes more than a shower (???) to discourage the wicwalkers - eight of us set off on this very pretty walk that we haven't done for quite a while. The rain soon eased off, sparing us the soaking we had been expecting. We had a lovely walk - thank you Isobel!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Naomi's tea party

Thank you Naomi for hosting us during a wonderful afternoon at the Residence. 


And thank you Elisabeth for your nice photographs