Monday, 28 October 2013

Margosha's Walk in Meise


Despite the extraordinary weather, we walked!  This is thanks to Kyung-Sook, Dawn, Isobel and Margosha who insisted that they were not going to be put off by a bit of wind and were going to accompany me (Janet) to Meise! 

But mostly our thanks must be given to Margosha who led us on an alternate route because the Jardins Botanique, like every other public garden in Brussels, was closed due to the weather.

So, my apologies to anyone else who would have been brave enough to face the elements but had assumed (because of my email) that there would not be a walk.  I had to make a decision early in the day about whether to go ahead, but as I was going to go anyway (just in case anyone hadn't seen the message) a walk ended up happening.  

We met at the Church in Meise

Some nearby bells - we are sure they have a history!

We wonder what this tree is.  Does anyone know? It has cherry-like fruit.

We didn't stay around long enough to find out the history of this statue

These sweetcorn stalks made a wonderfully musical sound - and gave a good indication of the predominant wind direction in the last few days!

Gathering rain clouds!

It cannot be denied that it was windy. Very.  Nor can we ignore the fact that we did get a wee bit wet.  As in soaked to the skin in some cases!  A heavy downpour was followed by some consistently wet rain, so Margosha found a short cut back to the cafe.  We are very grateful to Isobel's meteorological powers - a harsh word from her and the rain stopped and the sun returned!  If only you'd thought to use those powers a little sooner Isobel!

Does anyone know what this purple plant is?  Is it unique to Meise?!

Sorry Isobel - didn't realise you had your eyes shut!  Margosha found us a welcoming cafe for drinks where we were able to swap stories about where the rain had penetrated and discuss whether to sue the makers of our rainwear! 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Melly's Walk at Chateau de la Hulpe on Friday 25th October

  Despite the gloomy forecast, the rain stayed away for the walk, but the downpours during the week had left their mark and some of the paths were too muddy to venture upon.    A pity!   However, walking on the more travelled drier paths meant that a decent pace could be kept up, while looking at the changing colours of the trees and ferns.

Thank you Melly and apologies for no photographs.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Joan's Walk at Jesus Eik

It was a balmy 19 degrees when 18 ladies arrived for our walk today.   As Sheila was away her group joined us for our two hour walk through the glorious forest.  
a beautiful crop of mushrooms
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Paulette joined us after the walk.   It was a bonus to be able to be outside although we had to sit at separate tables
Elizabeth made us jealous
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Friday, 18 October 2013

Anne's Tervuren Park Walk

Thank you Anne for a lovely walk this afternoon, and we were glad to welcome back the autumnal sunshine after a few really miserable days!

The sun encouraged a large turnout, for both groups of walkers, and we were pleased to all meet up at the cafe on the lake for our post-walk cuppa.

Here we are, squinting into the sun!

Some of us made it to the meteorite.  HELLO SANDY!

We were delighted to meet up with those taking the easier walk

Lots of fungi around today!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Margaret's walk in Auderghem

We began today's walk with some neck exercises..... and Margaret threw the map on the ground because she didn't need it!  Thanks, Margaret, for stepping in at short notice to lead today's walk through the forest.  The WIC walkers were lucky again with the weather, which stayed dry most of the time.


And now for something very rare..... a cafe picture with everyone facing the camera!
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Friday, 11 October 2013

Charlotte's walk in Groenendal

The weather forecast promised rain..... but it never came!  We had a wonderful walk in the forest, expertly led by Charlotte.  The real star of the show, however, was Christa's lovely dog Halka, who enjoyed the walk even more than we did! We met up with Sheila and her group at the end of the walk in a nearby riding stable cafe.  The coffee could have been better..... but we all enjoyed the conversation around the big table.
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Monday, 7 October 2013

Kyung-Sook's walk from The Tram Museum

Another lovely early autumn walk!  Thank you to Kyung-Sook and Truffles for leading us, and for welcoming us back to her house with delicious cake!

Kyung-Sook took us on paths that we had never discovered before, which is always a welcome adventure!

We set off along the lovely tree-lined paths that we are familiar with, before being led on a route that was completely new to us

Kyung-Sook's group - we were delighted to have so many walkers on this beautiful afternoon, and to welcome back some who have not been with us for a while

A lone walker gives perspective to this unusual piece of art in Woluwe Park

Some of us had never been across this pond before

The autumn colours are just beginning to show themselves

Sheila's walking group walked without Sheila and led by Denise.  We were delighted to meet up with them at the end.

One of Kyung-Sook's lovely cakes - THANK YOU!
We were happy to encourage Anne to share out the cake!