Monday, 23 April 2012


We arrived at Ingeborg’s house with our donations for the meal before the starting time of the walk at 11.00. Christa led us behind the houses to hidden fields, the furthest point being the old windmill.

Ingeborg had arranged her charming house beautifully for the nearly thirty participants. With her large windows letting in plenty of sunshine, pale green table cloths and candles, the room was very light and bright. Paulette opened the lunch by thanking Ingeborg with a lovely bouquet of flowers and welcoming our WIC President, Anke and Loeky who is in charge of Social Events. Paulette thanked not only the Walkers who had contributed to the lunch but also those who had contributed to the charity even though they could not attend.

What is not announced under Activities in NEWSWIC is that the Walkers are great cooks, producing a great variety of delicious dishes. When they were displayed they made a mouth watering sight in colour and texture. A little wine added to the enjoyment of the meal. Judging by the noise level everyone was having a good time. I suspect that although we are very happy to be able to contribute to the charity we also have a great fun day for ourselves.

Sheila Richardson


We had blue sky this morning for our walk before we returned to Ingeborg's house to enjoy our annual charity lunch.  Very lucky these days!!
Christa and Paulette led us over open fields to the old windmill and as you can see from the photos everyone was in good spirits. 

Before we started lunch Paulette gave a short speech thanking everyone for giving so generously and she informed us that the walkers had raised over 800 euros for the chosen charity.  Anke, our President and Loeky, our Social Events organizer, also said a few words before Ingeborg was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to say a special thank you from us for her hospitality and all her hard work.  Bravo!!
Now on to the serious stuff of the day, the lunch.  What a spread!! We had everything from Belgian "champagne" for the aperitif to spicy samosas, salads and salmon to fabulous desserts. Well done us!!!  Everyone enjoyed themselves immensely and it was difficult to drag ourselves away!!

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Paulette's walk in Tervueren on April 13th 2012

Tervueren has always been a favourite walk. This time, the garden of the African Museum had been decorated with lovely tulips.

It is always lovely to watch the geese crossing the alley to go to the pond.

A photo pause to catch the beauty of the place ...

as well as a nice smile from our walkers

Here we go again , in a hurry to get to the Mont Blanc for our well deserved cappucino.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Paulette's walk in Foret de Soignes from Overijse on 6th April 2012

Our little group of nine did very well today. The forest was welcoming as always. The temperature was just fine and the group very fit. So we walked faster than usual.

We met some remains of other explorers on the way.

and met Sheila and her group of 5 at the cafe de la Foret for a well deserved drink.