Friday, 28 July 2006

Fri., Jul. 28th - Sandy's walk in Auderghem was interspursed with claps of thunder but we managed to get around the course with only a few rain drops.

Monday, 24 July 2006

Mon., Jul. 24th - Sheila's walk in Jezus-Eik was led by Inge instead due to some mis-communication. With the temperature at about 29C it was much more agreeable than last week. Sheila was able to join us later for refreshments.

Mon., Jul. 24th - As a special treat - during our stop for refreshments after the walk - Martha shared an "Oplatky" with us that her sister, Susan, brought back from a recent trip to the Czec Republic!!!

Mon., Jul. 24th - Martha slices the "Oplatky" for us to enjoy!

Mon., Jul 24th - Martha read us the "history of some of the celebrities who have delighted in this wafer filled with chcolate which is supposed to be even more delectable when warmed. With a temperature of 29C - does that count?

Monday, 17 July 2006

Mon., Jul. 17th - Dolphine was wonderful to fill in for Sheila on this hot July afternoon and lead the walk for us. At 34C degrees only about 5 of us braved the heat for the walk in Lasne/Ohain. It turned out to be quite an effort.

Mon., Jul. 17th - What an array of choices awaited us after the walk at Christa's table ... cold water, ice tea, ice coffee, ice cream, and pastries. We were truly spoiled!.

Mon., Jul. 17th - It was so refreshing to recoup our spirits, quench our thirsts and share some time with our hostess, Christa, on her charming terrace on such a hot afternoon. She saved the day and revived us all. Many thanks!

Monday, 10 July 2006

Mon., Jul. 10th - Our "thanks" to Sheila for taking us around Lasne/Ohain mid-summer. We all had a great outing!

Mon., Jul. 10th - It was a delightful afternoon to enjoy the beautiful scenery around and about Lasne and Ohain. 14 of us were able to participate which was great for this time of year.

Mon., Jul. 10th - Vyvyan invited us all back to her house nearby in Lasne after the walk to relax and get refreshed!

Mon., Jul. 10th - Our "thanks" again to Vyvyan for hostessing us in her delightful back yard under the shade of the gigantic tree. It was refreshing to catch the breezes as we shared some cool refreshment and a delicious chocolate cake!

Friday, 7 July 2006

Fri., Jul. 7th - Sandy's walk in Auderghem was a nice relief from the heat of earlier in the week. We even had a few sprinkles. 6 of us and Buddy and Max enjoyed the outing!

Fri., Jul. 7th - Trying to stay level with the slant of the camera on the downed tree across the path was indeed a challenge ... for this photo!

Fri., Jul. 7th - Refreshments followed at Au Repos des Chasseurs. We were ready!

Monday, 3 July 2006

Mon., Jul 3rd - Sheila's walk at Villers La Ville!

Mon., Jul 3rd - Our "thanks" to Sheila for sheparding us around this delightful walk in and about Villers La Ville on this hot summer day.

Mon., Jul 3rd ... The end in sight ... where the 8 of us could relax a bit from our 2 hour (10,000 step) walk!

Mon., Jul 3rd, - Finally ... our refreshments at the Chalet de la Foret Restaurant! At 32C ... we were ready to cool down.