Saturday, 17 December 2005

Fri., Dec. 16th ... and, our last WIC walk of '05! We assembled in the Grand Place where 6 of us braved the elements and followed Janet's lead. Our many thanks to her and all those who have taken their turns to help us enjoy so many parts of Brussesl and beyond this year.

Fri., Dec. 16th - Exploring some of Brussels hidden secrets thanks to Janet's efforts!

Monday, 12 December 2005

Monday, Dec. 12th included our walk and luncheon to follow at the Auberge de la Roserie in Ohain. The grey skies didn't dampen our spirits as we left for our morning adventure.

Mon., Dec. 12th - It was a misty morning but Sheila led us around the countryside in fine fashion! Our "thanks" to her and to all those ladies who took part in the planning of this annual event!

Mon., Dec. 12th - 20 of us enjoyed a fine meal after our Ohain walk at the comfortable Auberge. And, we always have much to discuss when we get together! Don't we ladies?

Mon., Dec. 12th - And, here are our trusty leaders! Sandy & Sheila

Mon., Dec. 12th - Inspite of the weather outside it was cozy and full of conversation inside!

Mon., Dec. 12th - Here's a toast to this festive event and yet another year of successful WIC Walks!

Saturday, 10 December 2005

Fri., Dec. 9th - Unfortunately, there were only 3 of us to enjoy a beautiful December afternoon's walk around Auderghem and the Rouge Cloitre. Our many "thanks" to Yuko for taking us through her "neighborhood"!

Fri., Dec. 9th - Just kids at heart! Our venture on the "jungle jim" gave us a great perspective and view.

Fri., Dec. 9th - Yuko served us lovely refreshments after our walk in her comfortable dining room!

Monday, 5 December 2005

Mon., Dec. 5th - A special Nature Walk in Bertem with Denzil Walton! Our many "thanks" to Denzil and to Sheila who helped make it possible for the WIC Walkers to expand our knowledge of the area in a very pleasant way! It was a treat for all who came along! Denzil has written a number of great and informative articles recently in the Bulletin Magazine of Nature walks in and around Brussels! We were so fortunate to have him point out some of the most interesting aspects of the area we visited. You can read more about him at his website:!

Dec. 5th - Denzil's 2nd stop to show an area that must be revisited in the spring to see the full beauty that the southern exposure lends to the flower and fauna there.

Dec. 5th - We shall not soon forget this scene of the contents of the owl's "dinner"! Yummy ..

Dec. 5th - over the fields and through the woods with Denzil in the lead.Did we mention the mud?

Dec. 5th - Now we know where to look for the butterflies in the spring!

Dec. 5th - Bertem walk - some of us were able to get "up close and personal" with the wildlife!

Dec. 5th - Refreshments were welcomed at Cafe D'aa Boan at the end of our walk!!!

Friday, 2 December 2005

Fri., Dec. 2nd - Sandy's walk in Auderghem with still a few patches of snow here and there. It warmed up to 8C however!

Fri., Dec. 2nd - It was still beautiful with fall colors in the foret of Auderghem!

Fri., Dec. 2nd - Refreshments followed at Au Repos des Chasseurs. It was a good afternoon for le chocolat chaud!