Monday, 19 December 2016

Janet's Christmas Walk in Town

We were blessed with a beautiful day for our walk in the city - cold but with clear blue sky and sun!

We set out from Parc station and walked towards the palace, we admired the Musical Instrument Museum and the back of the Beaux Arts before walking to Petit Sablon via a sweet old road that few people visit.  Then, via Parc Egmont we reached Louise and then went around the back of the Palais de Justice to walk down into the Marolles. We visited some art nouveau social housing, a Horta nursery school, a couple of beautiful art nouveau houses and the old wine warehouse that now houses a bio market (closed on Mondays).  Then it was up past the Brigitinnes theatre and across to Magritte's old drinking haunt and some remains of the original city walls.   We then reached the Grand Place via the Mannekin Pis and by then were ready for hot chocolate at Blondeel's at Quai au Briques!

Merry Christmas!

In the Petit Sablon

Parc Egmont - and the Peter Pan statue gifted to the children of Belgium by the children of England

By the old city wall

Photobombed at the Mannekin Pis!

Only 2 of us wore our Santa hats!

Friday, 9 December 2016

Christmas Lunch and Walk 2016

How lucky we were with the weather for our 2016 Christmas Walk and Lunch!
The air was crisp and fresh and we didn't have to force our way through snow or rain unlike  previous years!

25 ladies enthusiastically took part in this very friendly event.
Thank you Mona for the photographs.

 We also took the opportunity to recognise and to thank Sheila for all her walks and for leading the Easy Walkers for numerous years. We enjoyed seeing her dear husband Keith (who also kindly contributed some couples walks in the Fagnes some years ago).

It was also very nice to see Cathy, an ex-walker, who lives now in England.

As usual the Auberge spoiled us with delicious dishes accompanied by good wine and excellent coffee.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Anne's walk in Tervuren Park

We were delighted to welcome Mona to our group today!
It rained before we started, but we were lucky again and we stayed dry for the whole walk.
As always, we enjoyed our coffee in the Spanish House.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Sue's walk in Overijse

Huge thanks to Sue for leading another lovely walk in Overijse and arranging such beautiful weather!

But special thanks to Truffles for being a dog and therefore causing us to have to find a new cafe - which we did, and which was wonderful.

For anyone who wants to know more, the new cafe does home made cakes and ice cream and proper hot chocolate.  We particularly enjoyed the apple & walnut cake with caramel sauce and vanilla ice-cream!

Brusselsesteenweg 700, Overijse
Ice creams, cycle hire & information

And here we are!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Paulette's walk in Ohain/Lasne

Another beautiful day and another great walk. 

Thank you Christa for leading us and for inviting us 
in your lovely home. It was a real treat!

Monday, 14 November 2016

Paulette's walk in Ittre

A real November walk in the countryside.