Tuesday, 29 August 2006

Mon., Aug. 28th - Sheila's walk in Jezus-Eik was a mixture of rain and sunshine. Her proposed walk in Ittre was postponed for better weather. 8 of us enjoyed the outing!

Mon., Aug. 28th - Amid the rain drops we paused for a moment's rest.

Mon., Aug. 28th - Refreshments followed with a little extra attention this time!

Friday, 25 August 2006

Fri., Aug. 25th - Sandy's walk in Auderghem with a lot of help from Denise to stay out of the muddy areas! Just a short pause to record the event between rain drops.

Fri., Aug. 25th - It rained and rained and rained!!! The 6 of us survived and enjoyed the outing inspite of the weather. We had refreshments at Au Repos des Chaussers following the walk.

Monday, 7 August 2006

Mon. Aug. 7th - Kathleen's walk in Tervuren started with some decision making on which direction to follow. It was a fun walk and our "thanks" to her for filling in during Sheila's absence!

Mon., Aug. 7th - A short pause in our 2 hour excursion through Tervuren for a quick "snap".

Mon., Aug. 7th - Our walk took us off the beaten path and through the woods. It was beautiful and great to be out enjoying it.

Mon., Aug. 7th - We were able to enjoy some cool refreshing drinks - courtesy of Cynthia (thank you very much) at the mont blanc before the rain started.