Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Paulette's and Joan's walk in Huldenberg on 27th June 2011

Today was very hot, 30 degrees celsius in the shade. Nevertheless 10 very brave ladies decided to walk in Huldenberg. Although the first part of the walk was mostly in the shade and very pleasant indeed, it became very exposed afterwards and your photographer felt too hot to feel inspired. Thank you to Joan for coming to the rescue of Gisela who could not make it.

We met many school kids on bycicle excursion

Thank goodness, the cafe Rochus was expecting us.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Walk and picnic on Friday 24th July

Once again our annual walk and picnic was a great success. There were 26 enthusiastic participants, the walk around the lake of "Sept Fontaines" was lovely, the temperature mild and pleasant. Christiane, our generous hostess, had rolled out the awning and put the tables on the terrace so that we could enjoy the fresh air and the view on the garden.

An artistic flower arrangement created by our gifted (and modest...) friend Anne was offered to Christiane to thank her for her warm hospitality.

We all enjoyed the day and the tasty food that everybody contributed.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Margaret's Walk at Grez- Doiceau Monday 20th June

With fingers crossed that it would not rain as forecast, ten optimistic ladies set off from the car park at Grez- Doiceau. Even the light drizzle could not spoil the beautiful scenery on this walk. There were quite a few uphills to burn off the calories. Unfortunately these were quickly replaced in the cafe for those of us who 'tucked into' delicious desserts. Thank you Margaret for a most lovely walk.
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Sunday, 19 June 2011

Joan's Walk in Groenendaal Friday 17th June
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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Lydia's walk in the bois de la Cambre on 10th June

We had an intimate group of walkers today (5 of us) and we almost made it the whole way before the rain, but not quite. Luckily it was fairly light and at one point we took brief shelter under the new Polynesian thatched shelter. We decided to lop off the end of the walk, which would have taken us across the Abbaye de la Cambre, by request due to the weather, etc. Good walk, though, and a good pace. Cool drinks at Café de la Presse afterwards.

Thank you Lydia for the walk, the photos and the comment.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Paulette's walk in Woluwe on 6th June 2011

This walk along the Woluwe brook is so picturesque and rural that it is difficult to imagine it runs parallel to the busy Woluwe Boulevard.

The parc Malou , the old Lindekemaele water mill (a popular restaurant) and the Hof ter Musschen windmill close to a nature reserve are the highlights of this very charming walk.

Impossible to resist the Kwak and its elegant veranda for a well deserved drink on the way back.