Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Mon., Feb. 26th - Anne's Tervuren Walk

Anne managed to minimize the muddy encounters on our walk today but still gave us a nice tour through some areas around her neighborhood. At 7C and a fairly steady rain it was nice to have the companionship of other walkers as we got our exercise this afternoon. Sorry this took so long to post ... the "New Blogger" seems to be a lot slower!!!
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Monday, 26 February 2007

Mon., Feb. 26th - Anne's Tervuren Walk

Despite the continuous rainy weather this afternoon Anne had a fine turn out for her walk through Tervuren and Moorsel. "Thanks" Anne it was a nice variety of city and country paths and always fun with so many of the ladies participating. We all had a great time!
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Mon., Feb. 26th - Anne's Walk - Table view #1

We were indeed ready to relax and enjoy our refreshments after our 2 hour walk in the rain today. We were pleased to have a former WIC Walker back for a visit join us as well as a friend in town from the UK. A true test of their dedication with the weather today!
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Mon., Feb. 26th - Anne's Walk & Table View #2

It was lucky #13 of us who were able to enjoy a much appreciated respit after our vigorous walk around Tervuren and Moorsel this afternoon. The restaurant was warm and cozy and now non smoking! What a relief! Our "Thanks" to Anne (2nd right) for leading us today!
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Saturday, 24 February 2007

Fri., Feb. 23rd - Sandy's Woluwe Walk

Considering it is still February, it was a pleasant afternoon for our walk along the former railroad line in Woluwe this afternoon. The weather though a bit windy at times cooperated by not raining and even providing brief periods of sun!
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Fri., Feb. 23rd - Sandy's Woluwe Walk

We took advantage of the brief sunshine break in the clouds for this photo of the group today. At 13C some of us thought it warm enough to remove their jackets. With eleven of us plus three doggies we had a good turn out for today and much better weather than it looked like at the start of the day!
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Sarah Entertains us after walk!

Sarah and Spartacus were very kind to invite us all back to their comfortable home nearby where we enjoyed hot tea, cookies and cakes! What a treat it was to relax and catch up in such pleasant company and surroundings. "Thanks" from all of us!
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Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Our Walk Statistics 19-2-07

Hi Ladies, ... "Thanks" to Jennifer we have these statistics on our Auderghem walk yesterday! The yellow dotted outline shows the circuit that we made from the E-411 and I'm told that we covered almost 5 miles and expended about 400 calories. That should have meant we earned at least a cup of coffee or tea! Hopefully, ... next time we will find our cafe open!!!
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Monday, 19 February 2007

Mon., Feb. 19th Isobel's First Walk!

Our many "thanks" go to Isobel who led the group on her first walk starting from under the E-411 on a very nice trek through the Foret de Soigne in Auderghem. There were at least 14 of us and we got a great work out.
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Mon., Feb. 19th - Auderghem Walk

This was our attempt to display today's group by color coordination! How did we do? Unfortunately, we failed to get "Leo" and "Milky", Yuko's Westies, to cooperate by staying with the ladies with the white coats. We gave it a good try though. Even though it stayed a fairly grey afternoon at 10C we were not complaining. We were disappointed, however, to find that the ADEPS cafeteria was closed (just for the school break?) so no refreshments after all our efforts ... bummer! Again, our "thanks" to Isobel (far right) for leading us today!
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Sunday, 18 February 2007

Sorry - No Couples' Walk March 17th!

Hi Everybody,

I'm sorry to have to tell you that my hoped for St. Patrick's Day couples walk will not take place (at least not with me as leader and host) My stepson will be in town for just a week and that day is the only weekend day he'll be here and awake! Perhaps I can organize something later in the year. See you walking! Kathleen

PS. Anyone else like to organize a Couples' Walk in the next month or so? Please contact Sandy ...

Absolute H*LL - Janet & Dolphine's Play

Hi Walkers,

After Friday's walk we talked about going to see the play "Absolute Hell" “starring” our own Janet and Dolphine! We decided to go on Thursday 8th March and I will be happy to buy tickets for anyone who would like to go as a group on that evening.

The play begins at 8pm and the theatre is Theater Arte (formerly Les Treteaux), 159 rue de Laeken, 1000 Brussels.
There is information about the play on: And, there is an article about it in this week's Bulletin Magazine (Feb. 15th) pg's 26 & 27!!!

Tickets are 15 euros each (but if we are at least 10 people, we can get them for 13 euros).

Please email me ( by Wednesday 21st February if you would like me to buy tickets for you.


Thursday, 15 February 2007

Update on Upcoming Walks

Hi Walkers,

Here is a bit of elaboration on the walks for the next week (+). Remember walks start at 1pm and please call between 8:30 – 9am that morning if you plan to join us.

Fri., Feb. 16th – Sandy’s walk in Auderghem. Meet at the top of Rue Nisard (off of Blvd de Souverain). (02/647.43.68)

Mon., Feb. 19th – Isobel’s walk in Auderghem. Call her at 02/ 673.92.24. Meet “under the E-411”.– If coming from the center of town take the Blvd. de Souverain to the intersection where the E-411 passes overhead. There is a Shell station on the right and the H. Debroux Metro station. Take a right here and parallel the E-411 on the side road. When the traffic goes off to the left to get on the E-411 stay in the right hand lane you will pass several gas stations and then the big ADEPS center will come up on the right. There are a few parking spaces here on the right but if there is nothing available proceed down to the underpass, take the 2nd or 3rd left (note: the first left will send you back in the other direction) …and park there.
If you are coming from the ring … take the Exit for the E-411 back towards Brussels. At the next exit get in the bus lane and exit to the right but get in the left hand lane. You are now under the E-411. Take your first left and follow the directions above.

Fri., Feb. 23rd – Sandy’s walk in Woluwe. Call 02/ 647.43.68. Meet at the Tram Museum. Please Note: Our new walker, Sarah Kelly, has invited the walkers back to her house (which is nearby) for refreshments after this walk. “Thanks” Sarah!!!

Mon., 26th – Anne’s walk in Tervuren. Call her at 02/767.71.06. Meet at the Elephant Statue in the parking lot across from the African History Museum (on the N3) in Tervuren.

Hope to see a lot of you on these!!!

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Mon., Feb. 12th - Sheila's Walk in RSG

It is hard to believe that we can be out in the countryside so soon after the start of our walking. Our "thanks" to Sheila for her walk today in Rhode Saint Genese. After parking in the parking lot of Vastiau-Godeau we were quickly on our way for a great hour and 50 minute walk through the country lanes and side streets.
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Mon., Feb. 12th Sheila's walk in RSG

We walked through some of the back streets in town, too. At 11C it wasn't so cold but when the wind kicked up and the drizzle came it was a bit more challenging.
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Mon., Feb. 12th - Table #1

It was delightful to stop for our refreshments at the snack 't Pleintje Tea room in Alsemberg which also featured Neuhaus chocolates in the front of the store! It was a warm an cozy spot to stop after the drizzle and winds of the walk!
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Mon., Feb. 12th - Table #2

With 16 of us walking today we had a second table and again a good break after our walk in the blustry winter weather.
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Sunday, 11 February 2007

Monday February 12

The weather is not too good today but it changes so quickly. So I hope it will be reasonable tomorrow. We meet at Rhode St Genese at the parking at Vastiau Godeau. Directions are on the blog December 2004. Give me a ring on Monday morning as usual

Friday, 9 February 2007

Fri., Fe. 9th - Sandy's Walk at La Hulpe

13 of us were able to participate this afternoon in our journey around the grounds of the Chateau de la Hulpe. Many were in high spirits as you can tell! There are always a lot of stories to share and information to gain from our friends as we walk, talk and share refreshments at the end!
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Fri., Feb. 9th - Sandy's Walk at La Hulpe

Here we are assembled with the beautiful Chateau de la Hulpe in the background. At 7C and no wind it was a beautiful winter's afternoon for our zip around the grounds. We were also delighted to have two new walkers joining us!
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Friday, Feb. 9th - Sandy's Walk at La Hulpe

Refreshments followed the walk at the cafe L'homme Bleu where we were happy to sit and visit while we enjoyed our refreshments
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Monday, 5 February 2007

Mon., Feb. 5th - Sheila's Renival Walk

"Thanks" Sheila for this great walk which 14 of us were able to enjoy. We even saw buds on some of the trees which was encouraging for the weeks ahead. We will have to come back in a month or so and see what progress has been made. Posted by Picasa

Mon., Feb. 5th - Sheila's Renival Walk!

Yes, it was cold ... about 3C, damp and gloomy but our spirits remained high and we warmed up as we made our way around Sheila's planned walk in Renival. Posted by Picasa

Mon., Feb. 5th - Refreshments at Miam!

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"Absolute H*ll" - Mar. 6-10 !!!

The WIC Walker

Dolphine and Janet will be performing small roles in "Absolute H*ll" (the * is for those of you with sensitive PCs): the next English Comedy Club production. The play has been described as "an absorbing, at times explosively funny ... account of bohemian life" - and Dame Judi Dench won a best actress Olivier award in the lead female role.

This will be Dolphine's first time on stage - and she's wonderful!

So - if you're free on the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th or 10th March, reserve now to come along (with your friends and family) at 8pm to the Theater Arte (yes ... a real theatre!), Rue de Laeken, 159, 1000 Bxls.

Tickets are E.15 or E.13 if you are an ECC member of a group of 10.

More information can be found on, and tickets can be booked at or 0477 408 704.

We hope that some of our fellow walkers will want to come along and enjoy this production!

Love to you all
Janet (on behalf of us both!)

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Mon., Feb. 5th Walk in Renival!

The WIC Walker
Many thanks to Marie Jo for a delightful Chandeleur Celebration.

I hope you have all received your NEWSWIC by now. On Monday we meet at Place Renival in Lasne at the usual time. Directions are on the blog Oct 2005. Jennifer is very kindly getting a collection of directions to the Monday meeting places together. I just have to check that they are right and then we can send them to you all. That will be easier than looking them up on the blog.


Friday, Feb. 2nd - Marie Jo's "Crepe Walk" - take 2!

At about 10C, no wind, no rain but a bit overcast ... it was a fine winter afternoon for our walk!  Posted by Picasa

Walkers Gather for the "Crepe Walk" - Feb. 2, '07

Our "thanks" to Marie Jo for showing us the way again around the Arboretum on an overcast afternoon. If "Punxsutawney Phil", the groundhog of such reknown in the US, were pulled from his burrow in Brussels today ... and could not see his shadow ... we would be looking at an early spring! Yea ... Now ... let's see what happens! Posted by Picasa
In honor of La Fete de la Chandeleur we gathered once again at the Mercator for traditional crepes - Yum!: As Marie Jo advised us: "La chandeleur signifie le jour des chandelles, le jour de la lumiere mais dans le coeur des petits et des grands, c'est la grande fete de la crepe!" Posted by Picasa

Thursday, 1 February 2007

Fri., Feb. 2nd - Walk & Fete de la Chandeleur!

The WIC WalkerHi Walkers,

Last Friday’s Crepe Walk was just a “dessert rehearsal” for this week’s event! Come walk and then stay to help us all celebrate the Festival of Lights and of Crepes on February 2nd!!! Back by popular demand, Marie Jo has offered to recreate her walk of last week for us in and about Jezus-Eik. We will meet this time at our usual spot which means behind the church at the #2 exit of the E- 411. Park where you can along the bois or behind the church. Because of road construction when you come off the exit and cross over the E-411 you will be forced to take a right before you get to the main road and will go through the parking lot for Chi Chi’s restaurant. When you do get to the main road take a left and make your way back down toward the church take a right before you come to the church and go up that side street to the next street which will parallel the main road. Park where you can.

Following our walk we will meet in the back room of the Mercator Restaurant for our special freshly prepared sugar crepes by the owner/manager for us to have with our coffees and teas! The cost should be about 5E’s each for the (2) crepes and a hot drink. As we did last week we need to know how many to expect for crepes so that the restaurant will be prepared for us! This time please RESERVE WITH ME, Sandy (email: or call 02/647.43.68) I will give Marie Jo the count on Thursday afternoon … We hope that many of you can join us for this mid-winter event!

Sandy and Sheila