Saturday, 25 May 2013

Paulette's walk in La Hulpe on 24th May

It was like a real cold and miserable autumn day today when we began to walk in the Ch√Ęteau de la Hulpe parc. And yet  nature was luscious and green with yellow and reddish azalea bushes here and there.

We rediscovered the Davidia involucrata or handkerchief tree, native to China and best known for its striking spring display of floral brackets which resemble dangling handkerchiefs nesting on the branches.

  We also stopped to admire little cuddly calfs who were not straying far from their mothers.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Radio 4 - 23 May - 3pm (UK Time)

Dear Fellow Walkers

I am listening to Ramblings on Radio 4 which is presented by Claire Balding walking (yes, walking on the radio) with the Chilterns American Womens' Club Walking Group.

A lot of things they are saying will sound familiar to those of us who walk with WIC.

You might enjoy listening to it on the play-again facility:


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Paulette and Christa's walk in Ohain on May 13th

Our little group of 11 ladies had a good time rediscovering the lovely hills of Ohain. Thanks to Christa we managed to stay on dry paths. She took us around the Waterloo golf, through Ransbeek then invited us generously and quite unexpectedly to have a coffee and cookies at her home. What a nice surprise! Many thanks Christa.
OOO littleO

 group of 11 had a good time rediscovering the lovely area of Ohain. Thanks to Christa we managed to s

arouhe golf, through Ransbeek then invited us very generously and quite unexpectedly to have a  cup of coffnd cookies at her home. Many thanks Christa.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Group-led walk in Tervuren Park

Everyone in the group helped to lead today's walk..... and we didn't get lost once!
The weather was cool but thankfully it stayed dry and we enjoyed our coffee and cakes in the recently renovated Spaans Huis beside the lake.

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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Paulette's bluebell walk in May 2013

What a gorgeous day we had in the Bois de Halle! The flowers were at their best, the temperature was ideal. 18 ladies most of whom had not yet seen the magical blue sea of flowers in this particular place gathered for our traditional bluebell walk. Needless to say that cameras went into high gear to record this beautiful natural phenomenon.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Joan, Margaret and Susan's walk in Overijse

We had three leaders, but no camera today to record our delightful spring walk in Overijse.

Before and after the walk we enjoyed splended food and refreshments prepared by Jane and her friends in Femmes d'Europe.

Here's a message from Jane: 

"Many thanks from Jane to all those who made donations (books, biscuits etc) or who came to the walk in Overijse this afternoon and helped to make this year's "Spring Lunch and Bring and Buy" our most successful so far in raising funds for the projects of Association Femmes d'Europe. We are really grateful for your support."