Monday, 25 June 2007

Mon., Jun. 25th - Anne's Tervuren Walk

Our special "thanks" to Anne who led us on a splendid walk from the Elephant Statue in Tervuren through all the summer "Belgium weather"! We were indeed fortunate that inspite of the threatening skies we only had about 5 minutes of intense rain and quite a bit more of sparkling sunshine. All of us who participated enjoyed it a lot!!!
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Monday, 18 June 2007



Hi Walkers … Remember the fun we had last June? Well, it is that time of year again. So, plan to join us on Friday, June 29th, at 11am in the parking lot of Dr. de Compt (walk #6 in Boitsfort) … Please note the change in time from our normal meeting time. We will do an hour and a half walk followed by our picnic at about 12:30pm. You can leave your food in the car trunk and retrieve it after the walk. Bring a dish to share with 6-8 … salad, quiche, dip & chips, dessert, cookies, fruit … whatever … It is always fun to see what shows up!!! In addition, please bring your own plate, utensils, & cup. An umbrella, Table cloth, napkins, extra cups etc. are welcome, too. Please let Sandy know if you plan to attend so she can keep track! See you then …. Sheila and Sandy
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Mon., June 18th Sheila's Ohain Walk

Twelve of us enjoyed Sheila's walk in Ohain this afternoon. We were fortunate to escape the rain drops that washed our cars for us on the way out to the meeting spot. Infact, we got quite warm by the time we were able to take our refreshments at Miam. It was beautiful in the country side with such beautiful flowers to enjoy today. Our "Thanks" to Sheila for such a great Monday outing!
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Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Mon., June 11th - Sheila's Walk in RSG

We had a few detours on this walk as one of our routes now goes through private property! Sheila, with some help from Denise and Ghislaine got us around them and we had a fine outing with a nice stop for refreshments on the sidewalk of t' Pleintje's snack and tearoom in Alsemberg. Jennifer with her trusty GPS gave us the following statistics on our adventure this afternoon: Distance: 7.42 km, Time 2 hrs. 13 min.'s with max. speed of 9.1 kph and total ascent of 432m's! That is even with our stops ...
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Monday, 11 June 2007


On Sunday, 10 June, the WIC Walkers held a Couples’ Walk in Beersel to support the WIC charity, Dyadis Dogs. Even though we were competing with quite a few other events that day including the Belgian Elections we were fortunate to have 23 participants for the walk most of whom stayed for lunch at the restaurant 3 Fonteinen that followed. Our many thanks to all of you who participated by joining us for this event or who sent in a contribution to support this year's WIC charity, Dyadis Dogs. There is still time for you to make your contribution if you have not done so already. We are asking for a 10E donation from each WIC walk member and it can be transferred directly to the WIC charity account (310-1532454-37 providing your name and indicate it was for the charity walk 6/10/07). As soon as the accounting is completed we can report on the amount which will be donated to WIC’s effort to purchase a Dyadis Dog for a handicapped individual. The final amount will be augmented also by the cash collected in the past year by Heide who sold her labels to help raise cash for the charity! What a great effort, many thanks to all who are supporting in so many ways!

Here we see Sheila and Keith Richardson who really put the walking part of this event together! Keith led the group on his mapped out route around the fields, farms and back areas around Beersel. Though the skies were overcast we all warmed up as we made our way around it for the next two hours!
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And, .... we're off!
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A short pause for this group photo (which is still hard to lighten) shows us about half way through our trek with Keith (left) in the lead!
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Who would have thought in a group of 21(+) of us that we would find 2 much less 4 who had birthdays on the same dates??? It was truly amazing to find this out!!!
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All of us were ready for the nice luncheon break after the walk and we hastened to the Restaurant 3 Fonteinen where we were given a table to ourselves. The food was worth waiting for even if a bit delayed!
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Couples Charity WIC Walk - Sun., 10 June

"Thanks" to Paul for taking this photo from the other end of the table. As you can see we had a great time!!!
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Thursday, 7 June 2007

Sheila's Plancenoit Walk - May 14th

Our "Thanks" to Jennifer for contributing these photos from Sheila's Mon., May 14th walk in Plancenoit! It looked to be a great day for the outing and then the chocolate cake for dessert courtesy of Sue Irving ... Well, let's just say ... I was truly sorry to miss that one!
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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Mon. June 4th - Renival Walk

Our "thanks" to Sheila for the glorious "variation on walk #3" that she led for us on Monday in and around Renival/Lasne. We still managed to encounter some muddy patches as well as some really oversized farm equipment on our route! We are all lucky to have survived!
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Saturday, 2 June 2007

WIC Charity Donation and Couples Walk - 6/10/07

Hi Walkers,

Thanks to Sheila for taking reservations in my absence. It is time for any of you who still want to participate but who have not made reservations yet to attend this walk next Sunday to sign up! In addition, since this is our only real fund raiser for the charity we are asking each Walker whether she can come on the 10th or not to please make a contribution of 10E’s (minimum) … to the WIC charity fund. Here are the details:

1) Send me an email to register ( and …
2) Make your contribution to the WIC Charity (A Dyadis Dog purchase) 10E’s each person (minimum) directly to: 310-1532454-37. Note your name and “WIC Charity Walk 6/10/07” in the comments field.
3) Meet Sunday at 10:45am near the restaurant: Restaurant 3 Fonteinen – Herman Tierlinckplein 3, 1650 Beersel, BE. Tel: 02/331.06.52. (see their website for location:
4) Walk will be conducted by Sheila and Keith Richardson from 11-12:30pm and lunch will follow at the restaurant.
5) Our many thanks for your support of the WIC charity! HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY…

Sheila and Sandy

Reservations to date: (updated Fri. 6/8)

Christa (and Siegfried ?) Harberer
Keith and Sheila Richardson
Martha and Scott Harris
Denise and Mervyn Jones
Moira and Neil Carmichael
Penny and Phillipe Heffinck
Marie-Paule and Paul van Bavel
Sandy Owens
Florence and George Cunningham
Jacqui and John Byrom and 2 friends
Yuko Suzuki

Alison MacLeod & husband (walk only)

Fri., June 1st - Sandy's Auderghem Walk

Although it started out as a bleak spring morning the WIC walkers were again fortunate to encounter only a few rain drops followed by sunshine for their mid-day walk around the foret de Soignes in Auderghem. Those of us who could take the time adjourned to Au Repos des Chasseurs for our refreshments after the walk!
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Friday, 1 June 2007

Friday, June 1st Walk in Auderghem

Hi Ladies,

I’m back …. from my 3 week trip to the states and I see in reviewing the schedule I sent out prior to my departure that I forgot to list this Friday, June 1st’s walk! Where was my head at that point??? Let’s meet at the top of Rue Nisard … walk #3 (Auderghem) … I had it planned for the following Friday but I will work on updating the schedule when I have had time to catch my breath and check in with Sheila! My many thanks to those of you who filled in while I was away!!! Let’s keep those walking shoes handy.

Looking forward to seeing you all again and catching up!!!