Monday, 26 May 2014

The Strawberry walk

Fifteen ladies made their way to Ittre despite the roadworks and the threat of heavy rain and thunderstorms, which happily did not materialise. After a short (but not uneventful...) walk we were treated to a delicious strawberry tea at the home of Penny and Philippe.
Many, many thanks to Penny and Philippe for their warm welcome and wonderful hospitality!

Friday, 23 May 2014

Message from Christa

My dear walking friends.
what a surprise and consolation to find you did a memory walk for our beloved Halka.
As she considered herself always as a 4 legged member of our walking group, I am sure she would be so thrilled and do a lot of tail wagging to thank you..
We miss her terribly
But we try to follow the saying “Whenever I think of you I smile inside.”
Thank you so very much , it means a lot to us
Christa and family

A Rather Sad Walk

Despite the sunny afternoon and perfect spring walking weather, today's walk got off to a very subdued and gloomy start, when Melly informed us that Christa's beautiful Halka had died yesterday.  We believe she ate something poisonous and was not able to recover.  Halka was an intelligent and  friendly dog and much loved by many of our walking group, and she will be greatly missed.  Our love to Christa and her family as they mourn their beloved pet.  Our walk today was in memory of Halka, and how she should have spent the wonderful afternoon out with us in the forest.

Halka:  Taken in 2011
Halka:  Out at La Hulpe a few weeks ago

Today's walk was from Dreve de Compte, and the 10 of us enjoyed the lovely walk amongst the trees - very beautiful with the sun shining through.

When we got to Intero Tennis Club, it was clear that the return of the 'English Ladies' was very welcome!


Monday, 19 May 2014

Paulette's walk and picnic

We were most lucky for our annual walk and picnic. The weather was perfect. The Rouge -Cloître was at its best and we found a lovely spot with tables and benches next to the carpark.
A great day really!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Paulette's Walk in Overijse

Today's Route

Many thanks to Paulette for leading us on today's walk from the centre of Overijse, with its famous almost-vertical climb at the very start of the route!  Is this what put so many people off walking this afternoon?  Despite the beautiful blue sky, sun and generally perfect walking conditions we were a group of only 4.  We were delighted that Heidi is now back to full walking health and had no problems keeping up with this sometimes challenging route.

We were very happy once we reached the lovely cool and green forest

We all loved Idit's new hair cut!

The pictures make the walk look like a fairly 'flat' route, but in fact it is about the only walk I know that seems to climb and climb and climb, yet only have one very short descent!

As well as walking through lots of lovely forest and farmland, we also passed a couple of architecturally interesting utility buildings.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Melly's walk at La Hulpe

Unfortunately there were no cameras today to record our beautiful walk around the grounds of the Chateau de la Hulpe.  Melly took us off-piste along many new small paths filled with fresh green trees, flowers and birdsong.  She really has an expert knowledge of the park.
Our hearts sank slightly when we reached the cafe and found it almost completely full, but the charming waitress squeezed us in and served our drinks with her usual friendly smile.
Despite the pessimistic weather forecast, there were only a few short showers, and we all enjoyed a splendid Friday afternoon.  Thank you Melly!

Monday, 5 May 2014

Monique's walk in Woluwe

A big thank you to Monique for her leading a new walk, her comment and very nice photos

The weather was just wonderful, mild and sunny on this Monday 5th May ! 

In the beautiful Parc de la Woluwé in Woluwé Saint-Pierre, we saw a few works of contemporary art then we 
crossed over the Avenue de Tervuren and went to the "Maison Communale" to see a few other ones. In this huge building we were allowed to have a look at the "Salle des Mariages" !

 On our way back, we had the pleasant opportunity to buy ourselves ice-creams  and therefore we didn't meet at the Brasserie afterwards.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Spring walk in Overijse

The sun had deserted us on this chilly day, but we wrapped up warm for our annual walk from Overijse to Huldenberg and back on the day of the Femmes d'Europe spring bring and buy sale.
Six of us browsed the bookshelves and enjoyed a delicious lunch before setting out - with impeccable timing: at the end of the first farm track we came upon a seventh walker, about to give up and go home after driving straight past the (signposted!) turning to the venue. No names...
We were back in time for coffee and home-made cake and some more browsing before the end of the sale.
Many thanks to Rosie for her hospitality. And Jane, thanks for keeping us in the loop and wish you could have joined us!