Saturday, 30 June 2012

Paulette's walk in the Foret de Soignes from Welriekende Dreef Friday 29th June

Our usual very nice walk in the Foret de Soignes from Overijse

ending up in a great new place: the Royal horseback riding country club on Welriekende Dreef.

 A very welcoming place.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Annual Picnic - 22 June 2012

Believe it or not IT DID NOT RAIN for our annual picnic!!!! 10 of us walked part of the railway path in Woluwe St Lambert and later Janette and Charlotte joined us for the picnic.

As you can see the sun actually came out and it was quite warm sitting in the grounds just in front of the villa which houses the Crousse Centre in the parc Crousse.  Jane Geers supplied a wonderful basket of melon with ginger which was just asking for a photo to be taken and Margaret came up trumps with something to keep the rain away and some coffee.  Great way to start the weekend, don't you think?

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Paulette's walk in Woluwe on 15th June

Although it was raining hard in the morning and the weather forecast was very discouraging, 2 intrepid walkers joined me for an interesting walk in Woluwe. During the walk I expressed my hesitation concerning a picnic in Bois de la Cambre as there were no tables or chairs in the area. Jane, who is always full of good ideas, asked us if we knew the Parc Crousse next to the old railway path in Woluwe. We decided to discover the place and agreed together that indeed this was a very good idea for a picnic because it is lovely, convenient (there are wooden tables, benches, toilets and a roof in case of rain) and also  available on June 22nd. Thank you Jane for mentioning this place.

As you can see, the weather turned to be great

It is always lovely to see cygnets on the way

And a nice coffee in good company on the covered terrace of the Kwak was a good end to a nice walking day.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Joan's Walk in Tervuren - 11th June 2012

Eight ladies arrived at the lake in Tervuren expecting the usual two hour walk.   One of us must have had a premonition of what was about to happen as she was sporting a rather 'fetching' rain cape   Just after setting off, torrential rain set in and it just did not let up    Within minutes nearly all of us were soaked to the skin, even with walking under the trees.   With the arrival of thunder and lightning on top of the rain, it was decided to 'call it a day' and make for the haven of Mont Blanc, which turned out to be closed.   In true WIC spirit we soon found another cafe to hang our dripping clothes and enjoy a coffee and some of us - a cake!   The rain on the camera lens made an unusual effect.
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Friday, 8 June 2012

Yuko's Walk at Rouge Cloitre

On behalf of all the ladies walking today I'd like to give a big THANK YOU to Yuko for her fabulous organisational skills.

Not only did we have a beautiful walk, on really lovely forest paths, but we also had SUN!  Indeed it shone all afternoon, and it was not until I was parking my car at home that the sky suddenly opened and there was an extremely heavy and unexpected downpour!

FULL MARKS YUKO for weather planning!

Sorry to go on about this but LOOK!  All that lovely sun!  Despite the rain at lunchtime and the very strange weather we've had this week we needed to take our waterproofs off this afternoon!

And then we sat outside to enjoy our drinks - much needed refreshing drinks - in the cafe at Adeps.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lydia's walk in Uccle on 4th June 2012

Six intrepid WIC Walkers braved the elements today to explore a portion of Uccle. There were not quite so many photos as the day was really ugly (managing photos through a baggie and an umbrella gets a bit tricky), but the walk was enjoyed by all.  We were fortunate to have Jane with us to relate the history of the Kauwberg, which was quite colorful.  We wound our way across the Kauwberg and then on to the Parc Sauvagère, which had a variety of animals, including peacocks, swans and a llama, and a lovely waterfall with a columned area above.

The Cimetière du Dieweg was a surprise for all.  Fascinating and atmospheric and a bit sad that the families no longer care for the graves.  Nature is taking over, but that adds an interesting element as well. 

Back through Parc Wolvendael and another hill to work our glutes before arriving at the PQ at the Parvis St.-Pièrre for refreshments.  Warm and dry it was and tempting with a luscious apple tarte and some tasty doo-dahs alongside.  

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Paulette's Strawberry walk in Ittre on 1st June

As the strawberries were the highlight of our walk in Ittre today, we can begin with Penny's warm welcome. Our nice hostess spoiled us with  strawberries and strawberry cakes of all shapes and sizes.  

Many many thanks Penny 

During the walk we admired lovely wild flowers. Perhaps someone knows what they are called.