Monday, 30 October 2006

Mon., Oct. 30th - Many thanks to Sheila's once again for her walk from the Abbeye Aywiers in Lasne. What a beautiful afternoon to enjoy our walk through a variety of country scenes. All of us enjoyed it so much!

Mon., Oct. 30th - Dazzled by the sunshine the 12 of us were happy to soak up a few more rays to store away over the winter, We certainly have had a lovely fall this year!

Mon., Oct. 30th - We took our refreshments at Miam where some of us even had milkshakes!

Friday, 27 October 2006

Fri., Oct. 27th - Photo from Sandy's walk in Auderghem with thanks to Brian for taking the photo for our "blog". The weather was still fairly mild but a bit overcast this afternoon for the outing. With the majority of the trees still green it is hard to believe that November is next week!

Monday, 23 October 2006

Mon., Oct. 23rd - Sheila led us through many of the back streets of Uccle and Rhode Ste Genese after we met in RSG Centre.

Mon., Oct. 23rd - 12 of us took a moment to record this event as the rain drops stopped and the sun ducked behind a cloud. It got up to 19C which surprised us all.

Mon., Oct. 23rd - We finished our walk with refreshments at t'Binnenhof where several of us had "un chose" others ice cream Sundays! After such a good workout we deserved it!

Saturday, 21 October 2006

Fri., Oct. 20th amid a few sprinkles Denise's walk led us in and around the Rouge Cloitre area of Auderghem. This is not Denise, however, ... its Marie-Jo!

Fri., Oct. 20th - We are always delighted to have Paulette (2nd right) back for a visit with her Mum ... join us as she originated the group for WIC in '89. We are indeed grateful!

Friday, 20 October 2006

Fri., Oct. 20th - We stopped for our refreshments at the cafeteria of the ADEPS center in the shadow of the E411.

Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Mon., Oct. 16th - Our "thanks" to Sheila for leading us on her walk in Lasne. We will remember this beauiful fall weather in the months to come!

Mon., Oct. 16th - 17 of us and Max turned out on this beautiful, fall afternoon

Monday, 16 October 2006

Mon., Oct. 16th - Refreshments followed at Miam where we were able to catch up some more and enjoy some relaxation.

Friday, 13 October 2006

Fri., the 13th of October should have been a day to stay home! The weather was so beautiful that 10 of us came out to Watermael- Boitsfort for Sandy's walk in the Foret de Soigne. Who could resist this fabulous weather???

Fri., Oct. 13th - a brief rest was in order after about an hour and a half!

Fri., Oct. 13th - Refreshments were welcome at the tennis club nearby where we could sit and enjoy the warmth of the autumn sunshine. What a lovely afternoon!!! The club will be closing for the winter months and will not reopen until April 15th so it was great to catch the end of the season there.

Mon., Oct. 9th - Sheila's walk from Rhode-St-Genese station took place on another beautiful afternoon. "Thanks" to Martha for contributing this photo of the group.

Sun., Oct. 8th - Couples' Walk in Beersel was organized by Martin and Alison Walshe and turned out to be a wonderful event. "Thanks" to Alison and Martin for this photo of the group. It was a beautiful day to be out enjoying the countryside!

Sun., Oct. 8th - Couples' Walk at Beersel. A fine lunch followed and here are Mervyn, Martin and Scott enjoying some of the Belgian mussels! Thanks to Martha for the photo!

Mon., Oct. 2nd - Sheila's walk at Abbaye Aywiers through the beautiful countryside. Thanks to Jennifer for this one.

Mon., Oct. 2nd - Sheila's walk and another "Thanks" to Jennifer for this one. A small discussion apparently on the direction to follow. You have to get them when they are standing still!

Alumnae News!

The WIC Walker During my absence a nice email came in from our former walker, Beverly Morisset, who is now ensconced in her "new" home in Angoulins-sur-Mer, France. She says there is never a dull day there with lots to do to continue to get set up. You can now reach her at the following address:

Monday, 9 October 2006


Sunday October 8

Many thanks to Alison and Martin for a very beautiful walk in lovely sunshine and a very good lunch afterwards. It was great fun with very good participation. Would anyone like to organise another couples'walk over the winter, in town if the weather is bad?

We have no photos at the moment but there were a number taken and Sandy may be able to get something onto the blog when she gets back.