Sunday, 12 February 2006

Sun., Feb. 12th - Our great "THANKS" to Kathleen, Chris and Plume for organizing and leading the Sunday WIC Couples' walk in honor of Valentine's Day. 15 of us enjoyed the outing and 16 for the lunch afterwards. We followed the old railroad line the entire length from Stockel to Demey. We all had a great time!

Sun., Feb. 12th - 2C degrees and we were able to walk the best part of the day. By the end of lunch the snow was falling!

Sun., Feb. 12th - a great combination of homemade turkey & vegetable soup, salads, cheeses, breads, fruits, wines and desserts... everyone contributed.

Sun., Feb. 12th - our hostess, Kathleen, organizing the desserts including the "Rocky Roads" she prepared herself! It was appropriate for the group.

Sun., Feb. 12th - Part of the gathered group including our host and hostess, Chris and Kathleen at the far end of the table appropriately attired in pink and red for the occasion.

Sun. Feb. 12th - La pi�ce de resistance - the wonderful desserts - thanks to Anne, Janet, Denise, Cynthia and Kathleen. What a wonderful outing to celebrate Feb.

Friday, 10 February 2006

Fri., Feb. 10th - Marie-Jo's walk at Jezus-Eik.7 of us were able to enjoy this outing which turned into a pleasant afternoon for this time of year!

Fri., Feb. 10th - It turned into a beautiful, sunny hour+ for our walk in the Arboretum .. all the way to Tervueren! Our thanks to Marie-Jo for leading us.

Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Mon., Feb. 6th - Assembling for Sheila's walk from the Abbeye Aywiers, Lasne. There were eventually 11 of us for this outing. At 7C it was not too bad for February but it was indeed muddy!

Mon., Feb. 6th - Into the great unknown!

Mon, Feb. 6th - Which of these bevy of chorus line beauties has the most mud on her shoes from this walk??? It must be Kathleen. She can hardly stand up!

Mon., Feb. 6th - Our "thanks" to Christa (at the end) for her wonderful hospitality, hot coffee and tea, and delicious carrot muffins, We were indeed spoiled!

Friday, 3 February 2006

Fri., Feb. 3rd - Denise's walk from her home in Augerghem! 7 was not a bad turn out on a cold, afternoon with snow flakes in the air. Our "Thanks" to Denise for a nice outing.

Fri., 3rd - Our "earned" refreshments at Au Repos des Chaussers. Not the best photo but it proves we got together!