Monday, 28 December 2015

Anne's walk in Tervuren

The sun shone brightly for our walk around the beautiful Tervuren lakes today, and it was warmer than many summer days we have known.
Our favourite cafe Mont Blanc was very busy, but fortunately we found a table to enjoy our delicious ice creams, hot chocolate and apple tart.
Happy New Year to all, and we'll have lots more great walks in 2016!

Monday, 21 December 2015

Yuko's Rouge Cloître walk

Paulette was unable to lead as planned, but Yuko kindly stepped in to show us the way.  We paid our usual visit to our farmyard friends and admired a beautiful Japanese rhododendron in full flower.  But for the decorations, we could easily have forgotten it was nearly Christmas. Thank you, Yuko, for a lovely walk!




Friday, 18 December 2015

Janet's City Christmas Walk

This year's city walk followed a route that we have followed, more or less, before.

We started at Parc station and walked through the parc towards the palace.  We progressed down Rue Royale, through Petit Sablon, Parc Egmont, Louise, The Marolles, past the Horta Nursery School, the Brigittines Theatre, the city walls, the Mannekin Pis, Grand Place, St Gery and finally to the Tea Room of the Chocolatier Frederic Blondeel, where we were delighted that Sheila could join us.

The hot chocolate at Blondeel was very rich and delicious, and a few of us were tempted into buying chocolates to take home with us.

Here we are in the Petit Sablon

The traditional photo at the Peter Pan statue in Parc Egmont

A view that we didn't have the last time we did this walk!

Social housing in the Marolles

Found in the Marolles: so you know where to go next time you need a stuffed double-headed calf ...

We all liked this innovative fencing

We walked along the side of this 'Church' which, those not already in the know, where surprised to find is actually a modern theatre!

Another traditional photo! 
The 'Breugel Church'

Loved this hat!

Bit obvious but ... the Christmas Tree in the Grand Place ....

and the Creche!

Proof that, contrary to our experiences when walking in the forest, you CAN buy bicycle bells in Belgium!

The chocolate shop of Blondeel - you can see the chocolate making equipment upstairs and at the back of the shop

Friday, 11 December 2015

Margaret's Wezembeek walk

The luck of the WIC brought us another fine day (shame it failed us on Friday...) and ten of us set out in the sunshine. A good day for a new member to come on her first walk - welcome, Liz!
When we reached the café we found Sheila and her group - five in all - already there, so that made the largest group we've had for a while around one long table. What a pity "someone" forgot to take a photo....oops!

Monday, 7 December 2015

Paulette's walk in Boitsfort

Another great day in the Forêt de Soignes, this time from the car park at the end of rue Nisard, one of Sandy's favourite walks. 
Hello Sandy, do you recognise some of us?

This sign is very useful isn't it!  :))

Friday, 4 December 2015

Walk and Christmas Lunch in Woluwe

What a glorious day we had for our annual walk and Christmas Lunch in Woluwe!
Some of us rediscovered with pleasure the streets and paths they were using with their kids in the eighties. 

24 walkers participated in a very nice and convivial meal at "Remember." 

Monday, 30 November 2015

Paulette's walk in Jesus Eik

Only four of us decided to walk in spite of the bad weather forecast today. To be fair, some ladies could not join our little group because of a trafic jam on the Ring.
In fact it didn't rain before 3 p.m. and we all enjoyed a brisk (sometimes muddy) walk on new paths.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Sue's walk in Zaventem

A grey day and a chilly wind blowing, but we soon forgot about the cold on a brisk walk with plenty to see along the way.  Our usual café had closed down, but the new one Sue took us to was every bit as welcoming.  Thank you, Sue, for a very enjoyable walk!

Monday, 23 November 2015

Janet's Dreve du Comte Walk

What a glorious afternoon for a walk after the cabin fever of the Brussels Close-down!

The first surprise was the number of families taking advantage of the unexpected day off and the fine winter weather to take their families into the forest.

The second was just how lovely a day it really was to walk!  Glorious blue sky, fresh winter weather: so a number of  atmospheric photos were taken!

Some of us went on to have a coffee at a new place spotted by Anne: Les filles de Paris (or was it Papa?!)  Anyway, there was plenty of parking to be had on Blvd de Souverain, just past Rue Nisard, and we were made welcome.