Saturday, 29 April 2006

Fri., Apr. 29th - Sandy's walk from the Dr. de Comte in Boitsfort. It was great to see the trees finally bursting forth with leaves, a beautiful time of year!

Fri., Apr. 28th - We started out with abundant sunshine on this walk ... which was also the beginning of a long weekend for some. By the end the weather had turned a bit chilly again.

Friday, 28 April 2006


How many of you remember this trip? We think it’s time to do another venture to the coast! Now that spring is here Inge Nash has suggested Fri., June 2nd for this outing to Knokke Heist. We would meet at Gare Centrale in the morning and take the train. Depending on the weather we would rent bikes at Knokke or do a walk along the “boardwalk” into the Zwin, the Natural Reserve near the Dutch border. We could bring a sandwich and find coffee, tea & dessert at a local restaurant. If we have at least 15 we can get a group discount and/or separate coach on the train. Costs would include the r/t train, bike (?) and snacks. We need an idea of how many could and would participate??? Please email with your comments.

Tuesday, 25 April 2006

Mon., Apr. 24th - Shelia led us from Rhode St. Genese Station on this beautiful afternoon. We were also happy to welcome 2 new walkers!

Mon., Apr. 24th - With 21C weather and spring finally here 15 of us (and 2 dogs) enjoyed a beautiful walk through Uccle as we viewed the foliage and flowers in bloom.

Monday, 24 April 2006

Mon., Apr. 24th - We thank Heide (4th left) who hosted us at her home after our walk with cookies, coffee and tea! She also showed us her boxes of labels that she is selling for only 1 Euro each with the proceeds going to charity. Contact Heide for more information if you are interested.

Friday, 21 April 2006

Fri., Apr. 21st. Marie-Jo (3rd left) led us on this beautiful afternoon at Jezus-Eik. Inspite of road construction we managed to gather for the outing. It reached 22C, a big improvement in the recent weather! Spring is finally here.

Fri., Apr. 21st - A special treat followed today with individual crepes prepared and served at the Mercator Restaurant in their back room. A great way to celebrate such a beautiful spring afternoon.

Fri., Apr. 21st - Marie Paule (left) surprised us all with champagne to celebrate her birthday! It was a fun occasion at the Mercator. "Thanks" to Marie-Jo for arranging it.

Fri., Apr. 21st! - It was a treat to toast Marie-Paule on her special birthday which she shares with Queen Elizabeth II ... (though we caution - not the age)! We wish her well as she undergoes knee surgery next week. We hope she has a good recovery and joins us soon again on the walks!

Tuesday, 11 April 2006

Mon., Apr. 10th - Alison's walk at Sept Fontaines. Thanks very much to Jennifer for the photos she took. This is one of them!!!

Monday, 10 April 2006

Mon., Apr. 10th - Alison led this walk for us at Sept Fontaines! Our many "thanks" to her for her efforts. It gave us hope that the signs of spring are continuing including the anemones which are the prelude to the blue bells!!!

Mon., Apr. 10th - 10 of us gathered for Alison's walk and we got a real workout! It is a beautiful route with a bit of everything and should be repeated when the season moves along and all the foliage is out to enjoy more fully.

Friday, 7 April 2006

Fri., Apr. 7th - Sandy's walk at La Hulpe. We're still waiting for spring to arrive but we enjoyed the outing and catching up with each other as we made our way through the route!

Fri., Apr. 7th - We were so happy to welcome back the founder of our WIC walking group (1989) Paulette Duncan, (3rd from rt.) now residing in Oakland, CA! She comes back for a walk and visit every once and awhile. For 10 years she did all the walks herself! We're still impressed.

Fri., Apr. 7th - We finally arrived at the Chateau de la Hulpe at the end of our 2 hour walk. It's always impressive to see and enjoy!

Fri., Apr. 7th - Refreshments were welcomed at the cafe across from the Folon Musee where we could continue our catch up discussions!

Thurs., Apr. 6th - WIC walkers were very excited to attend the production of "Moving Susan" by Rodney Clark at The Studio Theater in Schaarbeek last night with our star performer, Janet, (green top)! It was a splendid show and lots of fun. Our "thanks" to Martha, too, for organizing the outing and Bruce for taking the photo! We all had a great evening.

Monday, 3 April 2006

Mon., Apr. 3rd - Sheila's walk in Vossem. We were wondering as we gathered for the departure if we had made a serious mistake to even venture out. It was pouring. The weather gods were with us, however, and that was the worst of it!

Mon., Apr. 3rd ... It was that kind of a day ... a bit of everything. We were encouraged though to see some faint signs of spring!

Mon., Apr. 3rd - Our "Thanks" to Anne (far right) for sharing her hospitality with us after the walk. It was indeed fun to relax around her comfortable table for a bit of time.