Friday, 28 January 2005

Fri., Jan. 28th - Walk in Woluwe Park with Sue Cowan in the lead!

Fri., Jan. 28 - 10 of us plus 2 doggies braved the grey January skies ... thanks to our leader, Sue!

Fri., Jan. 28th - Refreshing finish at Les Étangs Mellaerts!!!

Tuesday, 25 January 2005

Jan. 24th - Sheila's walk in Plancenoit - The perfect end warming up in front of the gigantic fireplace.

Jan. 24th - Following Sheila's walk in Plancenoit. 12 of us warmed up with hot chocolate, or hot mulled wine and a warm fire!

Jan. 24th - Sheila's Monday walk in Plancenoit. Brilliant sunshine but 3C made the snow, ice and mud somewhat challenging!

Sunday, 23 January 2005

Jan. 23rd - Sunday Couples WIC Walk - Restaurant Istas - Table 1 encore!

Jan. 23rd - Sunday Couples WIC Walk - Restaurant Istas - Table 2

Jan. 23rd - Sunday Couples WIC Walk ... refreshments and lunch followed at the Restaurant Istas - Table 1

Jan. 23rd - Sunday Couples WIC Walk ... yes, the sun was dazzling for the 27/28 who gathered for this!

Jan. 23rd - Sunday Couples WIC Walk included a jaunt through the tall trees of the Arboretum.

Jan. 23rd Sunday Couples WIC Walk in Jezus-Eik and the Arboretum Lead by Marie-Jo Kusatz on a beautiful, sunny and cold morning.

Friday, 21 January 2005

Fri., Jan. 21st - Sandy's Walk in Tervuren.Fun walk for all who came even at 6C!

Jan. 21st - Refreshments - Mont Blanc!!!

Monday, 17 January 2005

Mon., Jan. 17th - Sheila and the accounting!!!

Jan. 17th - Sheila's walk in Rixensart - 12 of us braved the Jan. chill + "Max"!

Jan. 17th - Sheila's walk in Rixensart - Cold, windy and ugly but the group had fun catching up!

Sunday, 16 January 2005


The WIC Walker
. Helen Bobbitt currently in Italy plans to be back in Brussels for a week the end of Jan. We hope she will join us for walks if she can!
. Linda Lester from Vallauris, FR will be back in Brussels Feb. 13th for two weeks and hopes to join us, too.
. Paulette Duncan, from Oakland, CA. USA, our illustrious founder, will be back for a visit in February. We look forward to seeing her then.
. Sibylle Malkwitz, from Spain and Germany may be back for a visit in March.
. Antoinette Hongler, from Bellach, CH, sends New Years greetings to all the walkers. She is starting an intensive English teaching course which she will be taking for the next 6 months!
. Elaine Grogan, from Berlin, sent an email to Sheila with her new email address:
. Helen Bush, from Sydney, AU sends a change of email, too:

Friday, 14 January 2005

Jan. 14th '05 - Sandy's Walk in Auderghem. Abundant sunshine accompanied us on this day and we welcomed several new walkers to the group!

Jan. 14th - Au Repose des Chasseurs - Part 1 & "The Pause that Refreshes"!

Jan. 14 - Au Repose des Chasseurs - Part 2 & "The Pause that Refreshes"!

On Monday, Jan. 10 abundant sunshine abound for our walk lead by Sheila in Rhode -St Genèse. We enjoyed the countryside walk and getting together again after the holidays!