Monday, 7 May 2007

Mon., May 7th - Sheila's Auderghem Walk

We were ready for our refreshments break at the ADEPS cafeteria and ready to escape the wind and rain. Having been spoiled for the past month it was hard to get back to reality!
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Hi Walkers.

If you’ve been keeping up with information about this year’s WIC charity from the Newswic then you probably know already that WIC is hoping to purchase a Dyadis Dog to help a handicapped person. It costs about 12,000E’s and 2 years of training to prepared a dog for his/her life’s role as an assistant to an individual who needs help. WIC is still about 6,000E +/- short of their goal. Each club activity group strives to have a fund raising event to support the charity and this year the WIC Walkers are holding a Couples’ WIC Walk on Sunday, June 10th. This is in lieu of the previous walks and luncheons of the past. This was your choice so let’s make it work!!! Whether you can participate on the 10th or not we are asking each currently listed WIC walker (see list attached) to contribute at least 10E’s. So, why not come on out for an afternoon of fun with friends??? YOU CAN HELP!

Come out with your spouse, a friend or whoever for a fun mid-day jaunt (walk) around the countryside near Beersel Castle. Then join the rest of us for a lunch at the restaurant : Information as follows: Sheila and Sandy

1) To register: Send email to Sheila Richardson:
2) Costs: minimum of 10E’s per person transfer directly to the WIC charity account: 310-1532454-37
In advance with your names and – WIC charity walk 6/10/07 indicated
The costs for your individual lunches (your choice) is additional
3) Meet: Sunday, 10:45am near the restaurant

4) Walk: Sunday, 11am led by Sheila and Keith (or Alison and Martin Walshe) to be determined

5) Lunch: Restaurant 3 Fonteinen, Herman Teirlinckplein 3, 1650 Beersel, BE
Tel: 02/331.06.52

6) Have a great time with friends while helping to raise the WIC funds!!!

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Sheila's Mon., 7 May Walk - Overijse Village


It looks as though the extraordinary good weather that we have been enjoying is coming to an end but how lucky we have been

Monday’s Walk will be at Overijse (village) #19. It may rain, just think how good that will be for the garden.


Change of plans due to the rain ... we will meet under the E-411 (#37)!

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Friday, May 4th - Sandy's Boitsfort Walk

It was a toss up whether it was warm enough to wear shorts ... Those who did were ... better off though it cooled down toward the end of our walk. The unusually dry spring weather continues having broken records for heat and lack of rain since records were begun here in 1833!
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Fri., May 4th - Sandy's Boitsfort Walk

It was a beautiful spring afternoon for our walk in the Foret de Soigne near Watermael/Boitsfort. 10 of us were able to enjoy the outing which during such a busy month of holidays was not a bad turn out!
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Fri., May 4th - Sandy's Boitsfort Walk

Although we got a few clouds during the afternoon ... no rain! We were able to stop at the Intero Tennis Club for our refreshments now that it is open for the season ... and we were able to order our first "un Chose" for the summer season ... quite refreshing pomplemousse et tonic!
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Thursday, 3 May 2007

Kathleen's Walk of Fri., May 11th - Save Details

Hello Everyone --- I plan to lead a walk in the Groenendaal Arboretum on May 11. I've never been there (which is why I'm willing to lead a walk -- I want to see it) but I will attempt to visit it beforehand! Parking will be at the "Bosmuseum Jan van Ruusbroec" also called the "Educatief Bosbouwcentrum Groenendaal" #2 Duboislaan, on the right just after you turn off the ring onto Duboislaan. To find Duboislaan, find the intersection of the ring with Chausee de la Hulpe. If you stood under the train overpass with your back to Chausee de la Hulpe going down to the Chateau de la Hulpe, and facing Chausee de la Hulpe going back up to ISB, Duboislaan is the other road going off ahead and left, along the ponds and through the woods. Eventually it changes to Dreve du Haras and meets the Dreve de Saint Hubert which takes you out to Ch. de Waterloo, near the road to Rhode St. Genese center. Now that you are thoroughly confused, you can call me on Friday the 11th to confirm and get further details! I don't know of a cafe nearby - does anyone? If there isn't one, I'll bring drinks and cake for all, so it would be helpful to know at least from most of you whether you're walking that day. Just e-mail so I'll have an idea how many to plan for. Cheers, Kathleen

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Mon., April 30 - Dworp Walk

There was definitely no mud on this walk today. Sheila led us around Dworp on a really beautiful afternoon ... breezy and in the 70's! Jennifer, with her trusty wrist gps recorded the following: 5.53 km, 1.26 m, av. speed 3.8 km/h, max speed 9.3 km/h, and, most importantly 300 calories! Next week we ... pick up the pace!
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Mon., April 30th Dworp Walk

Here is our newest stop for refreshments with the cafe on the left and the fields of farm animals on the right. The papermill is also a museum for children and worth a stop if you have young ones ... especially if they can speak Flemish!
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Mon., April 30th - Dworp Walk

We had a splendid stop thanks to Sheila who had spotted this restaurant/cafe on a previous route on one of our RSG walks! We enjoyed sitting out on the comfortable terrace at the Papiermolen Herisem in Alsemberg and watching the fields next door where a mother donkey tended to her young! It was a truly bucolic scene ...
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