Friday, 30 June 2006

Fri., June 30th - Sandy's walk in Watermael-Boitsfort started early at 11am on a beautiful summer's day ... followed by our Annual Walkers' Spring Picnic!

Fri., June 30th - Here's to our walkers who participated in this "end of the walking year" event!

Fri., June 30th - Our Spring walk and picnic! Here's a toast to another successful walking year. We were so pleased with the weather and great turn out ... and to Dolphine who supplied to "Bubbles" to celebrate it all!

Fri., Jun. 30th - Our picnic in the shadow of the dump truck turned out fine as the truck hid our chosen table from others seeking a nice luncheon spot! 16 of us were able to enjoy the great array of foods and comraderie! Thanks to all who provided such a splendid assortment. It was a great Spring Event with beautiful weather to accompany it.

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Mon., Jun. 19th - Sheila's Overijse walk. This was the shady part and a bit of a climb to start.

Mon., Jun. 19th - Sheila's Overijse walk, It was a nice mixture of woods and fields with good company to walk with!

Mon., Jun. 19th - Sheila's Overijse walk ... Are you look'n at me??? A beautiful afternoon for our outing with 11 participating.

Mon., Jun. 19th - Heide shows the labels she is selling to support the WIC Charity. They are great bargains, too. So far the walkers have contributed @ 60E's ... Want to help???

Thursday, 15 June 2006

Thurs., Jun. 15th - Table #1 of WIC Walkers here to celebrate WIC's 25th Anniversary. As a group ... we clean up well!!! It was a chance to dress up a bit and enjoy a wonderful spread of foods from around the world! No one went hungry. We were proud to welcome our friend, Paulette (4th left back row) who was back for a visit and who started this group in '89!

Thurs., Jun 15th - Table #2 of WIC Walkers. There was so much to chatter about and time to catch up with our fellow walkers!

Thurs., Jun. 15th - Table #3 of WIC Walkers. It was a grand occasion for all who attended to celebrate WIC's 25 years!

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Mon., June 12th - Our many thanks to Sheila who changed the planned walk from Beersel to Jezus-Eik where we could walk much more comfortably under the trees! Our Founder, Paulette, joined us for the walk. What a treat for us all.

Mon., June 12th - 7 of us braved the heat but it was a wonderful walk!

Mon., June 12th - at almost 30C ... we rejoiced in our pause for refreshments. Paulette our former WIC walk leader (2nd right) enjoyed her deja-vu experience which she will take back to California with her.

Friday, 9 June 2006

Fri., Jun. 9th - Sandy's walk in Boitfort was on a beautiful summer afternoon ... very much long awaited.

Fri., Jun. 9th - Over the valley and through the woods on a beautiful 24C afternoon.

Fri., Jun. 9th - Refreshments followed (after our extended walk) at the Tennis Club! It was a much needed break.

Friday, 2 June 2006

Fri., Jun, 2nd - Sandy's walk in Auderghem. Only a small group today as it is also a long weekend with a holiday on Monday. Apart from the mud it was a lovely walk!

Fri., Jun. 2nd - Just to show a bit of the mud we contended with! It was still a lovely afternoon compared with the recent weather and great to be out in the forest again

Mon., May 15th - We were delighted with the perfect weather for our 2nd Nature Walk in Bertem under the guidance of our friend, Denzil Walton who has written articles for the Bulletin and now publishes pamphlets on nature walks in and around Brussels!. 7 of us were on hand to enjoy the outing. Thanks to Jennifer for the 3 photos taken at that time and apologies for the delay in getting them published.

Mon., May 15th - He pointed out many of the wild flowers and we listened to the chatter and songs of different birds.

Mon., May 15th - Denzil found and displayed for us a dead "Slow Worm" - which was a memorable part of the experience!