Sunday, 26 June 2005

Fri., June 24th - WIC walk and spring picnic on a hot spring afternoon. Thanks to Janet for her time setting camera!

Jun. 24th WIC walk and Picnic - what a wonderful selection of good, and tasty delectables to enjoy!

Jun. 24th WIC Picnic - We were fortunate to get a shady picnic table by the ponds at Dreve de Comte for our feast!

Tuesday, 21 June 2005

Mon., June 20th - Jezu-Eik. It was nice to be under cover of the trees in the dappled sunlight as the temperature reached 36C by mid- afternoon! Sheila led us on a great walk.

June 20th walk - Jezu-Eik. Our pause for refreshments was more than welcome in the heat of the afternoon!

Friday, 17 June 2005

June 17th - Friday walk - Relaxing at Au Repos des Chasseurs after our Auderghem walk!

Tuesday, 14 June 2005

Mon., June 13th - Plancenoit walk. Many thanks to Sue for leading us on it in Sheila's absence. It was a great day to be out and about. Thanks to Janet also for the photo!!!

Fri., June 10th - Sept Fontaines walk. Many thanks to Alison for leading us on a beautiful, spring afternoon!

Fri., June 10th - Relaxing after the walk at the Lake on a beautiful afternoon at Sept Fontaines. Thanks to Janet, too, for the photos!!!

Mon., June 6th - Sheila's Beersel walk - what a great afternoon to be outside!

Mon., June 6 th - Sheila's walk ... over the valleys and through the woods around Beersel on a beautiful afternoon.

Friday, 3 June 2005

'05 WIC Walk and Charity Luncheon - June 3rd. from the new home of Jacqui Byrom. So many ladies to thank for their efforts ... especially Jacqui for her hospitality, Sheila for designing and leading the walk, Martha for coordinating efforts of all, Kathleen for organizing the foods, Vyvyan for handling the dishware and cutlery from WIC, Marie-Jo who collected the funds ... as well as all those who helped with set up and clean up!!! It was all a great success.

'05 WIC Charity Walk through the beautiful countrysides of Ohain - Our "Thanks" to Sheila for planning and conducting the walk.

'05 WIC Walk and Charity Luncheon - The pause that refreshes after our lovely countryside walk.

'05 WIC Charity Walk and Luncheon - 5 ladies enjoying the best of Belgium's spring weather and a delightful meal.

'05 WIC Charity Walk & Luncheon - Inside table of friends new and "old"!

'05 WIC Charity Walk - Group Photo in Jacqui's lovely back yard!

Wednesday, 1 June 2005

Sun., May 15th - Breast Cancer Walk - Tervuren Park - part of the WIC walking contingent who participated ... Jacqui, Martha,Jackie, Alison, Janet, Martin and Tim. Congratulations and "Thanks"!!!

May 15th - Breast Cancer Walk - Hooray for the WIC walkers as they finished ... Jacqui, Martha and Janet!

WIC participants in Breast Cancer Charity Walk - Sun., May 15th - Tervuren Park: Sheila, Alison and Janet!!! Everyone had a great time at the event.