Friday, 31 October 2014

Paulette's walk in Jesus Eik

A big group for an autumnal walk in the forest, a temperature that climbed to 19 degrees, many new walkers, a lovely doggy  and a good walking friend from the past, what more could we ask!

And here she is opposite Kyung sook. Welcome, Marie-Jo

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Photo of Sandy and her walking group in Georgia

In October 2004, Sandy initiated the WIC Walkers blog. She had been thinking that the group needed an easier and faster way to communicate and keep track of their schedules and outings in a fun way where photos could also be incorporated. As we know the NEWSWIC magazine takes some months in advance to prepare. This was such a good idea Sandy!  

Now I can check in from 3000+ miles away and see where you ladies are walking … what delicacies you are enjoying afterwards and find out who is still there that I know!  It is always fun to keep up and know the group continues so well. Kind regards, Sandy”

Paulette's walk in La Hulpe on 28th October

These are very nice autumnal photographs taken by Yuko during our walk in the property of Chåteau de la Hulpe.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Paulette's walk in Alsemberg

Who would think we are at the end of October! At a certain point, it was so warm that most of us had to take off  one layer. To tell the truth, we were walking up and down, up and down.....Apart from that,  this walk took us along a small brook, through fields and woods in very picturesque surroundings.
A very nice walk indeed!

 Aren't they beautiful!!

After 2 hours walking, it was time to stop at 't Plein and enjoy their famous special dessert.

Good choice Joan :)

Friday, 24 October 2014

Paulette's walk in La Hulpe

We had a lovely walk in the property of Château de la Hulpe on Friday. It was a real pleasure to admire the beautiful autumn colours appearing everywhere.

At the Taverne de l'Homme Bleu, we had the pleasure to meet Christa's lovely new puppy.
Her name is Nouchka and in some months she will be able to accompany us during our walks

A relaxing time after the effort

And afterwards another little walk (15 minutes) to get back to the cars.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Margaret's walk in Tervuren and Wezembeek

Yet again, our luck with the weather held out.

Yoohoo girls, the camera's over here! 
Thank you Susan!
Third time lucky!!!
As you may have noticed, not only do we have a new walker (welcome, Hilde!), a new face in the last photo (we met Sue by the lake on the way back) but also a new café. Where is it?  Come on the next walk and find out!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Isobel's walk in the forest at Auderghem

It was another perfect day for a walk in our wonderful forest.

The trees were still green like the summer and most of us soon took our coats off as it was so warm.

We met Sheila's group in the Adeps cafe and there was so much to talk about.....
Thank you Isobel for a lovely afternoon!

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Janet's Walk in Gaasbeek

It was an unusually early start for a WIC walk today, with us meeting to visit Gaasbeek Castle and its fascinating, artistic and, dare I quote, "Quite Bonkers" exhibition: Once Upon A Castle.

The theatre group Wildworks was invited to create an exhibition bringing alive the castle and three of its most influential occupants: The Count of Egmont, decapitated by the Spanish in 1568 for protesting against their persecution of protestants; Paul Visconti who was a flamboyant, quixotic traveller, who received his guests dressed as an Ottoman noble, but who let the castle fall into disrepair (d.1821) and the unconventional and emancipated Marie Peyrat who inherited Gaasbeek when her husband died, revived and restored it and then left it to the Belgian state when she died in 1923.

And the perfect warm, autumnal, sunny weather was really the icing on the Gaasbeek cake!

As there were so many pictures today I've done several montages, but if you click on them you will get a bigger view.

Gaasabeek Castle in the early morning sun (well - 10.30am sun ...)

This picture is in the collage above - but it makes me laugh so I think it's worth repeating!

Most of us were persuaded to dress up ...
Some of us (cough cough Sue, Yuko) were glamorous, while poor Janet .....

All the Gaasbeek Ladies - with one exception hiding behind the camera!

After lunch in the Brasserie Egmond we split into two groups.  Sheila's group walked in the grounds of Gaasbeek Castle, while Janet's group extended their walk to take in the grounds of the very close by Groenenberg Castle - which is somewhat dwarfed by its beautiful neighbour!

Janet's group were fascinated by the octagonal building  (sorry, no photo) and the use to which it might have been put in the past.  Margaret has since looked it up and reported back:  I’ve been googling: buskruit means gunpowder, so the octagonal thingy was their powder tower – well away from the big house!  Made me think of blunderbuss, and sure enough that is folk etymology from the old Dutch word donderbus – donder meaning thunder.  Interesting, eh?  Well, I think so...Smile
Thank you Margaret!

Groenenberg Castle
Janet's Route - 6.38km
Janet's group were very grateful to Denise, Sheila and Yuko for phoning back with a message about the Ring - it is possible that the solid traffic might have something to do with the football match at Heizel!