Monday, 29 January 2007

Monday, Jan. 29th - Sheila's Walk in Ohain

It was a good afternoon for our walk ... with no wind or rain and moderate temperatures for January.  Posted by Picasa

Mon., Jan. 29th Assembled at the Band Stand

We've met here so many time we thought we should have a photo of the Band Stand at the Place Communale in Ohain and with no leaves this time of year ... you can actually see it. Well, here are most of us who walked today. It warmed up to 10C so, it was a lot better than last week! Our "thanks" to Sheila for sheparding us around today! Posted by Picasa

Mon., Jan. 29th - Refreshments at Miam

Refreshments followed our excursion at Miam, one of our regular stops, where some of us indulged in their chocolate tart to go with our warm drinks. Hey, after our 2 hour walk we deserved it!!! Posted by Picasa

Friday, 26 January 2007

Fri., Jan. 26th - Marie Jo's Walk in Jezus-Eik!

It was a grey, chilly January afternoon with snow flurries and the perfect weather to get us out and about to enjoy the crepes to follow! Marie Jo led us around the Arboretum and surrounding area for almost 2 hours. Just think it is only a few months left until spring!!! Posted by Picasa

Eleven of us Turned out for Marie Jo's Crepe Walk!

Although it was only 2C we had 11 sturdy walkers show up for our walk today! We were able to keep warm by moving along quite briskly in the chilly air. We all had a great time ... "Thanks" to Marie Jo for leading us and making all the arrangements with the restaurant. "Thanks" also to Klaus for helping to take the reservations!  Posted by Picasa

Crepes at the Mercator!

Refreshments followed at the Mercator where we were provided with the back room in which to enjoy our crepes with our hot drinks! We enjoyed it so much ... we think we will do it again next Friday ... Feb. 2nd when it is traditional to have crepes!!! Posted by Picasa


The WIC Walker
Dear Friends

This is the site where one can sign a petition to keep Ashford International going, including trying to keep a few Eurostar trains to Brussels stop there. Otherwise, as you know, we will no longer have any direct trains from Ashford to Brussels and vice-versa as of next November.

Thank you for your signatures.


Thursday, 25 January 2007

MON., JAN. 29th WALK

The WIC Walker

I’m sending this out early as I shall be away until Sunday evening. I’m sorry to miss Marie-Jo’s pancake walk, they’re always so much fun. Don’t hesitate to repeat it, Marie-Jo.

We are not doing the walk in NEWSWIC. I tried it out a couple of weeks ago and it is pretty but has one steep mudslide with no fence to hold on to and I think it would be better to leave it until the Spring.

Instead we shall do the walk starting from the bandstand at Ohain which has been on the list but the weather wasn’t good enough.
Directions for getting there are nearly the same as last week. Go to the roundabout at Messager. Take the turning to Ohain and Lasne. When you pass the green square on the right turn right at the bottom of the square and park anywhere near.


Tuesday, 23 January 2007


The WIC Walker
Hi Walkers,

For those of you who will be in town on Friday and want to join the walk … we will be doing Marie-Jo Kusatz’s special … “Crepe Walk”!!! This means she will lead the walk in Jezus- Eik and probably cover the Arboretum followed by refreshments at the Mercator restaurant. There the owner/manager will prepare individual sugar crepes for us to have with our coffees and teas! Please “book ahead” with Marie-Jo ( or 02/687..59.55 so that she can tell the restaurant how many crepes they will need to prepare for. As many of you remember the back room of the restaurant will be made available to us for the group.


Proceed to Exit #2 off the E-411. Instead of meeting behind the church as we usually do, we will park and meet in Chi Chi;s Restaurant’s parking lot. This is because of the road construction going on at the intersection. This will be easy for you to find because if you are coming from town … when you come off the E-411 and cross over the bridge you are “forced” to turn right into the access road that takes you through Chi Chi’s parking lot! How easy for us!

Hope to see many of you there!

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Monday January 20

Place de Ransbeck

Dear Walkers,

Let’s hope the wind drops before Monday.

We are meeting at Place de Ransbeck at 13.00 as usual.
Follow the directions to the Messager roundabout. These are on directions to Place Renival – Oct 2005, Clos de Renipont – Feb 2005. When coming from the direction of La Hulpe, take the second turning at the round about Rte des Marnieres. I think you go over a small round about, pass the church of St. Joseph on the right and take the next turn left into the Place de Ransbeck. There should be parking on a rough piece of ground immediately on your left.

If coming from Waterloo, take the Dreve Richelle past Carrefour as I suppose it is now. Turn left on Ch. De Louvain and then right on Rue des Saules which is the same as Rte des Marnieres. Place de Ransbeck is the first right.

I shall be away February 19 and 26 and March 5th. If anyone can lead a walk on any of those days will you please get in touch with me before February 16 or with Sandy at any time.


Denise's Auderghem Walk - Fri., Jan. 19th, '07

 Although we were bundled up here ... it actually reached 14C which is pretty unusual in January. It was great to get out and stretch our legs after a week of windy, rainy weather ... Posted by Picasa

Denise's Auderghem Walk - Fri., Jan. 19th, '07

  Nine of us braved the weather as the winds and rain moved out to take a walk through Auderghem and the Rouge Cloitre. Our many "Thanks" to Denise for leading us through the neighborhoods and into the bois. There were lots of broken trees and branches in evidence from the violent storms that whipped through on Thursday and traffic back ups delayed walkers from arriving!

Refreshments followed at the cafeteria at the ADEPS center where we were delighted to enjoy our food in their new "Smoke Free" environment. What a relief! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, 13 January 2007

Anne's - Jan. 5th Walk in Tervuren!

Our "Thanks" go to Anne Brittain for leading the walk on Fri., Jan. 5th from the elephant statue in Tervuren. Sheila, Inge, Alison (with Buddy) joined her along with Margaret Cunningham who took and then forwarded this photos. It looks like a good outing for this time of year! Posted by Picasa

JAN. 8th - Sandy's Epiphany Walk

What a great early start to the New Year with 19 in attendance for Sandy's Epiphany walk in Auderghem followed by the cutting of the Galettes des Rois to select this year's Royalty! Posted by Picasa

Marie-Paule, Martha and Maggie ...!!!

... Our 3 Epiphany Queens for 2007. Our congratulations to their majesties and our hopes that they will each have a great year! Our "thanks" to Isobel, our youngest, for helping in the selection process and to Sheila who helped take reservations and get the cakes for us! Posted by Picasa

Fri., Jan. 12th - Sandy's Walk at La Hulpe

Sandy's walk started from the front of the Chateau de la Hulpe and lasted about an hour and a half until we took refuge at the cafe across from the Folon Museum. It was grey but about 12C and not windy. For this time of year ... that's not too bad! Posted by Picasa

Nine of us Paused to Record this Occasion!

Inspite of the mud that we encountered ... we enjoyed the winter outing and the opportunity to continue to work off our holiday feastings! Posted by Picasa

Refreshments at the Folon Cafe

  We were able to take our refreshments after the walk for the first time in a "smokeless" cafe! What a treat ... Posted by Picasa